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Overview - What is Rentavo?


Rentavo.com is a community active - Technology rental site allowing people to try out cool new technology before they buy it and giving others a chance to use cool tech they might not buy, but would love to mess with.

Think Netflix but instead of DVDs, you would be renting cool new technology with some Woot community elements for good measure!

This Site will enable users to come and rent from the site and also communicate with other technology fans about new and upcoming tech.

The site will be the joint effort of tech interested individuals wanting to try out the latest and greatest at a fraction of the cost. The community will participate in determining what gadgets they want to rent and then help to source them. The Rentavo staff will then acquire and make the tech available for everyone to rent.

Because of the sites focused nature, active members of the community will also have the opportunity to try new technology for free as manufacturers launch it!

Examples of items which would be available to rent would be: Night Vision Goggles, Iphone 3g, The Pleo Robot, a Wii basically anything which can be put in a box and shipped for a reasonable price, is fair game.

What do we need?


We need a sleek new logo to represent our brand and concept. It will be appearing on our website and across our platform. We are interested in a fresh concept and a high quality, unique design for our brand.

Our Customers:


Rentavo.coms regular users are expected to be mostly (but not exclusively) Men with Incomes from 25-125k. This demographic tends to be well-educated, having at least a bachelors degree and are 25-45 years of age.

The site should also appeal directly to blogs and other tech fan sites allowing them to provide readers a practical way to try the things they are writing about.

Our community consists of three categories of users.

1. The Need based User- (this is the GPS renter planning for a trip, or the person in need of a photo scanner to go through their box of photos)

2. The Try before buy User (This is the person comparing the quality of a DSL before purchasing)

3. The fan boy (This person wants to spend time with tech they either do not need, cant afford or justify purchasing, they want to get stuff first)



- The logo must contain the name Rentavo.

- The logo or a part of the wording must be able to stand alone as an icon for branding purposes (favicon, email signature, buttons etc)

- Will need to look good on both black and white backgrounds.

- We have not settled on any tag line, so add this placeholder text for now (if it fits with the design): Rent your hands on the gear (We know its dumb. Its just a placeholder).

- Also not too generic, we don't want it be confused with similar logos (for branding purposes)

- Stay clear of cute styled logos (like Ebay, Google or ask.com), but otherwise, anything goes. (We will be sure to provide quick and helpful feedback)



The following words express our brand:

Hi Tech, Community, Relevant, Fun, Simple, Gadgets

And here are some logos we like:

- Gigaom - http://gigaom.com/

- Vimeo - http://www.vimeo.com (amazing typography)

- Uncrate - http://www.uncrate.com/

- Engadget - http://www.engadget.com/

- Crave - http://news.cnet.com/crave/

This of course does not mean we want the same ideas for us - just some basic style directions.

Please send us a PM if something is not clear to you or you want more details. We are really quick to respond.

We are excited to see some great entries before this is over!



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