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FITT (Functionally Integrated Training & Therapy, Inc.) is a company that provides cutting edge holistic health programs for people of all ages; genders; and physical abilities. FITT has hit a niche between physical therapy and general conditioning. Every program combines isolated rehabilitative protocols with global conditioning to allow the person to function at their highest level of performance.

FITT evaluates the person in their entirety making assessments on posture; range of motion; movements; gait (walking - running); strength and endurance. FITT then designs programs for this individual based on integrated total body movements that bring the body together in one overall functional unit addressing the weakest links first, thereby strengthening the entire chain. We attack the weak links to provide total body care allowing the individual to achieve a level of performance without an limits. Our tag line is "Live Without Limits".

At FITT we are Revolutionizing Health and Human Performance allowing the individual to Evolve into a person that they never expected.


The current logo can be seen at our website (its been changed to a front page while it is revamped) - www.gofitt.com

We need a logo that reflects the company goals and objectives. A logo that will allow individuals to know what FITT is about and the company objectives by just looking at the logo.

The logo should show FITT develops health; performance; movement; strength; posture; alignment; and endurance within all people. If it is not a logo like the one we have now (a person resembling running and movement) then maybe something with "FITT" and incorporating abstract arcs; or spheres; or something that resembles movement with a redesign of the FITT font. Since FITT specializes in putting pieces together maybe something with movement around "FITT". THe logo should be contemporary and high end. The clients we deal with spend tens of thousands of dollars with us and want to perform on a daily level biologically younger than they are.

Our company colors are Grey; Deep navy blue; and Yellow.

The logo will be used on our new website; stationary; business cards; shirts (silk screening and embroidery) etc. It will be the focal point of our new marketing campaign so it must reflect FITT's values and ideals - movement; human body; vitality; high level performance. It can incorporate all colors and can utilize an abstract design or one similar to what we have now.


Our audience is every day individual (man and woman); athletes of all ages and levels from adolescent athletes to professionals; and overall the person that wants to get in better physiological shape but doesn't know how to go about doing it. They range from doctors, attorneys, executives, children, etc. They spend alot of money with us because we dont just provide general Physical Therapy - we bridge the gap and combine that with nutrition; posture; endurance; freedom from pain; strength; flexibility; mobility.

When doctors dont have the answer people come to us to find the missing link to their pain and dysfunction - to achieve a greater level of performance than a weekend certified trainer can provide.

We are master and Ph.D degreed professional exercise physiologists; spinal pathologists; Pilates Instructor; Kinesiologists; Athletic Trainers; Acupuncturists; and Neuromuscular Therapists.

Our customers want to defy age and live without limits. They want to be able to function at a level they did when they were younger. They want their health restored.

We want them to think of FITT as the company that provides high level total body integrated training and conditioning hitting that niche when they dont know where to turn to for fixing their body and restoring movement; life; and vitality. They need to think of FITT as the company that can address their needs and dysfunctions. The company that can provide answers to their problems - to address their weak links. It must inspire them to get involved in their health and be the athlete they have inside them. To strive for a better level of function and performance. TO EVOLVE!


Our current logo is: www.gofitt.com

We like the abstract logo of Kinected Pilates and Performance in New York (Google it).



We must have arcs, rings, or something similar resembling movement and motion. We would also like to see a logo utilizing our company acronym (FITT) along with abstract pieces showing flow and integrated movement.

The logo must be contemporary and appeal to women; men; athletes; of all ages and professions.

We do so much with rotation and movement the logo must reflect that. The logo must reflect change - movement - motion - strength - vitality. It must incorporate our colors and we want the logo to incorporate "FITT"



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