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Hey all, Just started a company and I'm boot strapp'n it. I'm an independent manufacturer's rep in the Medical device industry- call point is doctors offices- My comany name is:

Medical Sales & Service

I can't believe it wasn't taken in my state. I even have my own domain- it all happened fast- picked up two lines within a week and need to get my name out there fast as I build this business. It's very competitive and also a crowded market. These customers get called on by drug reps 10 times a day- not that there is anything wrong with that- but I sell devices that help doctors advance there practice on both a clinical leveal and also a buisness level- I want to stand out from your typical pharma rep. I also want to stand out from the average ma & pa shop that use cards that they get made at Kinkos.

I would really like it to create identity for my business, if that makes sense. I'm also open to a slogan or company motto. A friend of mine uses the slogan: "Illumuninating the path to success". I don't know if it's appropriate to put a slogan on a card or not, but I'm open to ideas if it is.

My thoughts: First of all, since I'm not a designer I don't know the lingo. So please excuse me in advance. This is what I'm thinking.

MSS (Company Initials) Interesting larger bold & shadowed font Colors, & name of CO. in the logo. I like blue & different shades of it alot-but I wouldn't be opposed to different combinations of colors maybe up to 3. I definitely want the company full name to appear within the logo. I'm not sure how big it should be relative to the size of the bus. card. I just want it to stand out but at the same time not be overwhelming. Would like people to see it and say "wow, isn't that clever!"

OK, so I'm asking a lot....

I would like to have it done in a way that is easy to put on a business card (will probably need help with that too) and also be able to use it in the future for when I create a website.

I'll probably go to a local printer or do something online to get the finished product made- however, I'm open to suggestions about the whole project. I'm very excited that I found this Website and really look forward to all of the creative ideas.

Thanks a lot for reading. I hope that my lengthy post describes the scope of my needs so that we can connect and make this project happen.




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