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This is a logo design for an adult membership website... but it doesn't need (and shouldn't have) anything remotely explicit in it.

About Us:

Boyfunk.com is a gay-themed site focused on American guys 18-22 in age. The models that appear on our site are every day guys, typically college students, who genuinely love what they do, enjoy the visibility and attention they get, and it shows in the quality of the content we offer our members. So the logo we're seeking should reflect a clean, modern look that evokes a little bit of "attitude." Concepts can evoke imagery of college boys or jocks who are clean cut and have well toned bodies.

What We Need:

Ideally, we are looking for a logo that combines some sort of icon with a logotype (or at least a stylized font.) "Boyfunk" is a single word and may be used with a single capital or all caps, but not mixed caps as in BoyFunk. The logo will be used on the website, but also on small web banners, and should translate well to print (for use on business cards, catalog sheets, etc) and to things like embroidery on shirts or caps, so designs with a lot of fine detail or tons of colors will not work well.

Our Target Audience:

Boyfunk's customers are all over the map, from college-age guys attracted to the guys on the site, to older people who are remembering and seeking to recapture their own youth. Demographically, gay buyers are typically higher income and better educated than an equivalent cross-section of the population. Boyfunk differentiates itself from competitors by providing a very high quality product featuring models who appear exclusively on our site, and by the respect and professionalism with which our models and members are treated. Our customers typically stay members for a long period, so conveying the high quality and attention to detail that goes into our content in our logo is important.

Things we like:

Abstract/conceptual icons can be really cool, but literal ones can be good too. One of our staff came up with a concept of a baseball cap on the "B" in Boyfunk, so something like that might be a possibility, but we aren't wed to the idea. An abstract icon of a college-age guy, or some element that evokes imagery of a fit, young adult man is good. As for colors, we are open (but see below.) Our site is currently designed with a blue theme, but we are soon redoing the entire design, so if you can convince us that a fantastic logo can be a basis for a different color scheme, we're open to that.

Things we don't like:

Please no "collegiate" fonts, that's been way overdone. Also, anything with rainbows or triangles, or using pink or purple is pretty much out; in our market space, such designs are way too trite and obvious. Also, an icon, object, or anything else that could be construed to indicate a guy who is under 18 is completely out of the question.

Thanks in advance for your efforts, please feel free to ask for clarifications or additional guidance.



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