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I am looking for a logo designer who would be able to create a design for Vahan Yepremyan. Who is Vahan? He is a attorney who has been practicing law for over 20 years. He has slowly moved away from the law aspect of his life to focus more on business and business fundamentals. He has a book coming out in the next few months in which he talks about the fundamentals of business and how to create and run a business. He is also very entrepreneurial and wants to teach those methodologies as well. He is also very involved in charity work all over the world working with children in need building homes and providing clean water.

If you know of Gary Vee, think of a character like this, but a lot less hyper and out there. Vahan is a very soft spoken guy, but knows his stuff and he will let you know. We want the colors to be lively and inspiring but not too in your face. Needs to portray POWER. If it could include his Last name or initials (VY) that would be ideal.


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Yepremyan or VY

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Power, Respect, Mentor


Something Simple, yet POWERFUL. No Cartoons/Characters



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