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Briefing Logo + general website layout for The Am*dam3000 Rally

We are:

Gimaft BV is a Dutch company of four people that recently started to organize adventure rallies for groups of 50-100 people, with a duration of 5-6 days, during summer, under the brand name Am*dam3000. (Whe are not allowed to use the Amsterdam city name in full, The * is a star, which is 'ster' in Dutch and thus am-ster-dam ;-). The star you could think of a Hollywood star for example, as our sub-theme is most like going to be movie related: Am*dam3000 - 'moviestars: beauties, bandits and borats'

Whereas comparable rallies position themselves as being for the filthy rich that want to party (Gumball3000 or Quote Challenge) or for the sheer adventurist with a tiny budget (The Adventurists London to Mongol rallye), we have a different approach.

What we would like:

What we see as an end-product is a logo of Am*dam3000 with a 'general website layout' what we mean by that is that we would like to see the logo on top of the look & feel, colours, fonts, etc. of a website, preferrably with an example button or so. N.B. focus here is on the logo, we will more likely go for the concept with the nicer logo & colours than for the one with a weak logo and an excellent website. The website part is just to give us some ideas who we can extend the logo into a look & feel of a website.

As you probably notice in the text below, the logo+website should radiate:

Fun in the good old student days

Adventure, yet also a bit relaxing

Affordability, yet well organized

(see for detailed positioning word file)

Basically you could summarize our positioning as being focussed on those people who were students not too long ago, who would like to exchange their everyday same-old-same-old for a week of fun like it used to be in the old days, with the people from the old days, for an affordable price.

Sites we like:

Hereby the logo's and sites of our two comparable trips, what we like and what we don't like:

TheAdventurists.com - Logo ok, but a bit too 'stiff'; also website appearance still too serious

Gumball3000.com - of course nice piece of artwork, but too overdone; we don't like to be too serious (except for this briefing ;-)

Our logo should contain:

At least the Am*dam3000 should be included in the logo. Where you have the freedom to do with the * (star) what you like. Besides that, we leave the creative thoughts op to you whether to include a funny picture in the logo, or even the subtheme (moviestars: beauties, bandits and borats).

Out logo should not contain

The word rally, as this implies that it is about speed & cars- yes it is, a bit, but thats not where the focus is. It is ok to include finish flags, rally signs and the like, not too much though. O yeah, references to 'other well-known-aspects' of Amsterdam, such as drugs and prostitution we would not want to see in the logo of course.

Good luck! May the best win (remember: focus on the logo ;-)



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