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We need a logo for the web app, which is a combination of personal organizer (to-dos, calendar, etc..), time billing system and - this is maybe the most important part - flexible intranet (managed by the users) with files and messages sharing.

Application name is "Innomio" (this is copyrighted neologism). Logo should contains this name. We prefer clear, aesthetic fonts, but not so simple as arial (maybe lucida, helvetica, gill sans, trebuchet, futura or something like that). Logo should be clear and dynamic (but not agressive). It should look good as large banner or smal logo on pen. Have to be clear on dark (#0b3c70) background (could have 2 versions - for bright and dark background). Of course we will use it (or part of it) as favicon too... Colors - navy (ocean), darken green (clover), black, darken red or some colors from tango palette.

Our target audience are small companies (including SOHO) or active individuals/freelancers, they are tired of large CRMs and difficult-to-use intranets application, so they are looking for something easy (to use and to setup) and not so complex but still powerfull.

Designs we like:

It could be so simple as http://www.crowdspring.com/projects/grap... or even http://www.crowdspring.com/portfolios/bo... but not so simple as http://www.crowdspring.com/projects/grap... and should be able to be displayed on dark, for example, as http://www.crowdspring.com/projects/grap...

... but it colud be different ;)

In one sentence: if we choose between audi (or mitsubishi) and alfa-romeo (or rover) logo - we'll choose audi ;)



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