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I'm an independent web application engineer (or freelance web developer if you wish) and I've been in business since 1997. I've worked with major clients and built an insane amount of websites and applications for them, but this is the first time I'm launching a web app by myself.

So I'm building this web app - basically a task management and time tracking tool. Think Basecamp, Tick and apps alike. The name of the app is simply "Tasks". (And btw, it's not a dot com, but a danish tool targetted for Denmark only - so don't you go google the name and find some american apps with the same name. It's not mine.)

I need a logo for that app. The logo will be used on the website (isn't online), in signatures on discussion boards, probably in stationary and business cards as well. Eventually maybe even on clothes (you shouldn't worry too much about that though).

The primary target group for this app are people who work with projects and tasks (within these projects) and need to track the time they spend working for a client on any particular task. So, basically a large audience. Examples of users could be designers, programmers, copywriters, seo experts.. very much creatives and mindworkers, I guess.

I like the app logos of 37signals (Basecamp, Backpack, Highrise and so on). I don't want something too Basecampish of course, but I love the cutenesss, the colors, the size and the fact that everyone instantly recognizes it. I also like the font.

I also like www.newsvine.com, www.technorati.com, www.cocomment.com and www.simplyinvoices.com to name a few.

I like the font to be a little bold like the above, but not too fat.

The logo should contain an icon/symbol and text saying simply "Tasks". It can be just like that or upper case or lower case, whatever looks good. There's no tagline.

The icon should illustrate what the app is about: task management and time tracking. I will let your creative wizdom decide the best and prettiest way to do that. It would be really nice if I could use the icon on itself, like a favicon and alike.

As I said before, I like the cuteness of Basecamp.. so if at all possible, try to make it cute, but not too cute. I don't want users to mistake my app of being a half-assed product that doesn't do anything for them. An appropriate blend of cute and serious would be nice ;)

There's no color scheme yet, so be creative, and you're more than welcome to present your logos in multiple color variations if you like. However, the logo should look equally good on both dark and bright backgrounds. If it takes two variations of the same logo to accomplish that, fine by me.

And, it should look good even if blown a bit up.

What I don't like.. hmm, that's a bit harder. Well, nothing too glosssy.. if glossy at all. Gloss works sometimes, but definately not always, so it depends. Nothing too swirly either. No tiny and skinny fonts, no italics. No reflection (wet floor effect).

I guess that's it for now, but please do ask if you need clarification.



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