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Background :

The idea behind our new offered service is to promote real-time3D visualization for private people who want to build a house.

In Belgium this market is extreme small compared to the rest of Europe, why?, well it has to do with the fact that the architect are still use paper and pencil instead of 3d acad designs

3D still rendering is coming into the private market, but real-time3D visualization is still rare so our idea is to turn this around.

The idea behind :

So most of the people really can not fully understand those 2d constructions plans, so when the house is in the construction phase, they will change stuff because its not what they thought it would be

What will cost them more, due change in construction.

So would it not be handy you have a 3d model of your house where you can walk around freely and even walk inside and experience the space of the rooms and even discover design faults, and save on expensive construction changes.

So here comes in our solution, we offer this service to the general public.

One of the misunderstanding is that real-time3d visualization is that it is expensive and even more expensive as just 3D still renderings. But we use a workflow and technology that makes our solution cheaper as most 3d still renderings.

The solution will be offered in different levels, like a basic exterior visualization, basic exterior+interior and top of the bill is an application where they can change textures and colors in realtime.

So that the basic idea of the service we want to provide.

Marketing :

I will advertise on a specialized sites that are visited by people who gone build a house.

What we need:

- A logo, the name for the site /service is Virtueel3DHuis . (in English virtual3dhouse)

The logo will be mainly used on a website (to be developed) and show in the application we deliver to the clients, so the main target is not paper print. So it may also be an animated something

(FYI - Design for the overall website, the website will be made in joomla. The site it self will be only basic horizontal top navigation with 8 buttons that go to 8 pages.

These pages hold some (short) text to explain the service and product. The page will hold some example pictures, download links of the result , will be 1 page width column.

Below or above the navigation bar will be some flash banners to show additional examples.)

Look and feel:

What I like would be a glasslook - web2.0 look

Something in the direction of http://inqling.com.au/ (the website design)


- Logo, psd or ia file, 640*480



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