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The Wellness Professional Network (WellProNet.org) is a leading edge, web network of wellness profesionals - nutritionists, yoga teachers, wellness oriented physicians, massage therapists, acupuncturists, health educators, fitness trainers, wellness and spa center owners, etc... focused on disease prevention, healing and anti-aging and determined to succeed in their wellness business.

The WellProNet mission it is to train, inspire and connect leaders in the wellness revolution.

Ask any wellness pro if they are passionate about what they do - they will say YES! Ask them if they know how to express their passion in a way that the American public understands and acts upon - the answer is a resounding NO. If we truly want to help people get healthier then we must learn about what it takes to succeed in the wellness business and heal our fears of marketing and sales, improve our professional presentation skills and embrace the tools out our disposal designed to allow us to help more people and make more money doing what we love.

The Wellness Revolution as defined by author and economist Paul Zane Pilzer, in 2002 "defined wellness as an industrylinking tens of thousands of disparate service and product suppliers with a single cause. It showed scientists, fitness providers, businesspeople, food manufacturers, doctors, and others focused on disease prevention and anti-aging that they were part of a worldwide revolutionrather than merely lone iconoclasts inside their chosen professions or industries."

Launching late Spring 2009.


Logo for marketing material use and the same logo tweaked for members to use in their web materials - ie to say "Member" underneath or on top of regular logo.


90% women in first five - seven years of their wellness business who are serious about their growing their business and are ready to step into a leadership role in their life and be seen as an expert.

I also want to attract advanced degreed professionals - physicians - who feel alone in their wellness perspective.

I want them to see this network as the go-to hub and thought leader in the wellness field to learn about the business of wellness - training in marketing, leadership, multi-media, best practices, image coaching, vendor resources, and offer community and connection around sharing their passion with the world.


I like this idea:

A sun as the symbol of letting yourself shine, being a light in your community for powerful wellness solutions.

The sun with flames/rays of light coming out around it with the words "The Wellness Professional Network" in top half of sun and the tagline "Shine, Connect, Lead" in the bottom half.

Must have these colors: lime green (fresh ideas, vibrant neutral), some black (bold, grounded),

Inspiration for colors and look of future website: Pick up a copy of the April 2009 issue of Woman's Day - p 95 - 97: Clean, modern lines of zen decoration, freshness and crispness of dark lime and granny smith apple green, pop of yellow.

Feel: hip, fresh, friendly

Emotions to evoke: courage, purpose, possibility - to inspire faith in each professional's ability to perform beyond what they thought was possible

About: creating social change (inspiring more and more Americans to proactively take care of their health) by transforming health and wellness practitioners into leaders in their community.



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