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Who am I ?

I am 42 year old London based creative, I write, I draw and I make (short) films.

My website is called thegirlinthecafe.com, the title comes from a film that has inspired me. Apart from that you can find me in a cafe (writing) quite often so it fits the bill well. It will also be used as the production name for my short film(s) (i.e. "a thegirlinthecafe production")

What am I looking for?

A logo that I can use on a letterhead, business card and on my website.

Logo Ideas and notes

The logo has to include the name thegirlinthecafe.

thegirlinthecafe is normally spelled as one word, but feel free to be creative with the words (stack the words on top/beside etc. each other if you like for the logo).

It is fine to include a coffee cup icon or something other cafe-like in the logo but I dont want it to look like a logo for a coffee shop.

No cheap looking windows media library kind of graphics please.

For colors: have a look at my current website colours. I quite like them but am open for any other suggestions.

The logo has to be modern, minimalistic, professional and easy to read.

Thank you for your time.



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