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We are a centre for research in a Canadian University. We are doing research and innovation in geospatial.

In simplest terms, geospatial refers to the science and technologies behind geolocation (data associated to a specific location on earth). Nowadays, geospatial data are ubiquitous and everyone uses them on a near daily-basis (get directions on your smartphone, find nearby restaurants, get real-time bus notifications, etc.).

At the Centre, we design and develop scientific methods and innovative technologies that are used to collect, measure and analyse geospatial data.

Geospatial is also closely linked to domains such as Big data, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT). We do R&D with industrial partners to develop cutting edge technologies in those areas as well. Our expertise allow to discover more insights from the data by fully exploiting its geospatial component.

Here are some keywords associated to our work:
Location intelligence, big data, IA, augmented reality, IoT, data visualization, GPS, remote sensing, LiDAR, web mapping, spatial analysis, smart cities…

Our actual website: www.crg.ulaval.ca


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French: Centre de recherche en données et intelligence géospatiales | English: Centre for research in geospatial data and intelligence

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