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Briefing logo for the Am*dam3000 rally

(for additional details, please read the word file)

We are:

Gimaft BV is a Dutch company of four people that recently started to organize adventure rallies for groups of 50-100 people, with a duration of 5-6 days, during summer, under the brand name Am*dam3000. (Whe are not allowed to use the Amsterdam city name in full, The * is a star, which is 'ster' in Dutch and thus am-ster-dam ;-). The star you could think of a Hollywood star for example, as our sub-theme is most like going to be movie related: Am*dam3000 - 'moviestars: beauties, bandits and borats' , whereas comparable rallies position themselves as being for the filthy rich that want to party (Gumball3000 or Quote Challenge) or for the sheer adventurist with a tiny budget (The Adventurists London to Mongol rallye), we have a different approach.

What we would like:

What we see as an end-product is a logo of Am*dam3000. Basically you could summarize our positioning as being focussed on those people who were students not too long ago, who would like to exchange their everyday same-old-same-old for a week of fun like it used to be in the old days, with the people from the old days, for an affordable price.

Our logo should contain:

At least the Am*dam3000 should be included in the logo. Where you have the freedom to do with the * (star) what you like. Besides that, we leave the creative thoughts op to you whether to include a funny picture in the logo, or even the subtheme (moviestars: beauties, bandits and borats).

Our logo should not contain

The word rally, as this implies that it is about speed & cars- yes it is, a bit, but thats not where the focus is. It is ok to include finish flags, rally signs and the like, not too much though. O yeah, references to 'other well-known-aspects' of Amsterdam, such as drugs and prostitution we would not want to see in the logo of course.

Good luck! May the best win



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