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Creative Brief

Who are you?

Doppelpager is a startup SaaS company in Bloomington, Indiana. We are building a landing page application that allows the user to duplicate their existing landing pages. They will then be able to make edits to their existing pages without having coding knowledge.

The benefits and characteristics of the software are:
No IT solution
Quick turnaround
Plug and play solution
Conversion Optimization/ROI
No coding knowledge needed

What do you need?

We need a logo that can be used on the website. We do not have a slogan *yet* but when we do, the logo should be designed so that it works with or without the slogan. The logo design will anchor our website, so make sure colors and design will carry throughout nicely on a webpage. Should embody our characteristics:


COLORS: The logo should feature just two colors - one dark and one slightly lighter than the other. The lighter color should just be lighter than the dark color and not light, in and of itself. The logo should be clean and not busy. No florescent or pastels.

Who Is Your Audience?

Our audience is online marketers (40%), marketing agencies(40%), and small business owners(20%). This audience ranges in gender and ages, but they are smart, business savvy, and professional. The logo must tell them that the product is trustworthy and will help their business grow in the online marketing space. We would like our logo to reflect that our business "gets them" and that we are as professional and savvy as they are. We would like them to have a good feeling about us by looking at our logo. The typical user is wanting a self-service way to bypass IT department.


We Like These Examples

We like:
http://brandstack.com/logo-design/detail... - simple
http://brandstack.com/logo-design/detail... - simple and good use of complimentary colors
http://brandstack.com/logo-design/detail... - innovation logo and good use of complimentary colors
Mozilla Firefox - good complimentary colors with bold stroke of blue to standout
www.unbounce.com - simple, with visual interest to make it noticeable, but not overpowering
www.mint.com - subtle, but shows buyer what they are getting

We do not like:
www.landing5.com - does not embody what they do
www.snipd.com - little too literal and not a good use of space
www.heysan.com - do not like how it is just written out
www.ondialog.com - not enough visual interest

We Absolutely Must Have

use name "Doppelpager"

Other than that, get creative!



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