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Note: As part of the project files, I included a PDF which has all this information in a nicer formatted. I also uploaded a copy of our old logo, which was created by a programmer in about an hour, and sucks horribly.

About DotComIt

DotComIt is a company all about helping programmers. We have been in business for over nine years and are an Adobe Solutions Partner. Traditionally we have focused on custom web applications for small business using technologies such as Adobe ColdFusion, SQL Server, and Microsoft .NET. Within the past two years we have done quite a bit with Adobe Flex and Adobe AIR.

Jeffry Houser, the companys founder, is an Adobe Community Expert. He also has written multiple books, tons of articles, and is a regularly speaker about the technologies he uses.


DotComIt is moving in the direction of having multiple brands under the same company, each offering different services. The goal of this is to build a consistent image across all brands that will last us for the next 20 years or so.

Currently our brands are:

  • The Flex Show: The Flex Show is a podcast that features technical interviews with Flex Developers and community-related news items. We walk the line between entertainment and education. The show is intended to be light hearted, informative, and fun.
    • TagLine: Learn Flex From the Experts

  • Flextras: Flextras will sell commercial flex components designed to help Flex Developers create more effective user interfaces. This is set to launch later this year.
    • TagLine: The Worlds Only Flex Component Company Focused on Interface Design

  • DotComIt Consulting: DotComIt Consulting performs custom software development for small to mid size businesses. This has been our bread and butter since we started 9 years ago.
    • TagLine: Streamline your Business for Increased Profit

It is probable that at some future point, we will introduce more brands.

Wed like a logo design that can be adapted between brands with nominal effort. We envision the logo will consist of an icon, along with an optional brand name and tagline. We envision the icon being consistent across brands, with the brand name and tag line changing.

Our Target Market:

Our services are all targeted towards developers / programmers. Currently these are Flex Developers. Programmers are analytical, logical people who tend to like structure in the things they do. Design should try to speak to that market. We can provide sample personas upon request.

Keywords wed like to convey:

  • Approachable
  • Knowledgeable
  • Resourceful
  • Direct
  • Reliable

Other good things to know:

Old logo can be seen here: http://www.dot-com-it.com/img/DotComItLo...

A programmer created it in an hour.

We are looking for something for the next 20 years. It needs to stand the test of time

Logo should be original and it should be able to be trademarked.

We want to do our best to avoid confusion with Adobe Marks or other companies in the Flex development world. A list of such companies available upon request.

We want something that can be shrunk down to a browser address bar icon or expanded up to a conference display, and everything in between (such as business cards, postcards, web sites, product brochures, or other marketing materials)

Wed like to see examples of how the Icon can be translated between brands.



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