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Terra Media is a recently established company based in Chicago. We are committed to uniting and showcasing the talent and passion of online gamers worldwide. Combining various media platforms and a wide range of technologies, we strive to ensure unique and memorable experiences for the online gamer.

Our current project is creating a social experience that will be the foundation for connecting gamers across a dynamic social platform; the Gamers Portal. GP takes common social networking elements along with our own intellectual property to create a socially-driven, dynamic destination tailored to gamers.


We need a logo for Gamers Portal that is simple, artistic and fun. It should be clean and be B&W print-friendly but also elaborate enough to be expanded upon on the web. Note that this logo very well may end up on merchandise as well. The logo should be easily recognizable / brand-able so that people can recognize it as ours quickly; eye-catching. The logo does not need to be symbolically related to the word portal, but such attempts are welcome if done well. We would like to have an icon of some sort to represent our company; i.e. we dont simply want the words Gamers Portal stylized. Finally, we want to re-emphasize that the logo must be fun and stylish. We also need this to be a highly integrated logo; meaning an image next to text will not do. The text MUST incorporate elements of the illustration into the name to be considered. We are open to Gamers and Portal being combined as one or two words, as long as they are distinguishable. Thus GamersPortal, gamers portal, gamersPortal are all acceptable. Separation via color and font-weight will be acceptable as well.

Also note that grammatically speaking, Gamers' Portal is the correct spelling but for style purposes we have been leaving off the apostrophe. If you can tastefully include it in the logo, then please do so.


Our primary audience will be gamers, both casual and professional across all gaming platforms. Our secondary audience will be professionals within the game industry (investors and/or game studios) who also may find this project of interest.


This logo should represent our objective: to connect gamers worldwide, no matter the language, location, game, or gaming platform. Some ideas that we have had include:

- A hand reaching out from the portal to shake a hand outside the portal.

- The shaking of hands through a computer screen, which represents a more practical portal.

- A gamer poking his head through the portal to see what is on the other side. (Will you leave the other side unknown or do you have an idea of what that other side should look like?)

Logos that go in other directions, (for example, a total redesign) will absolutely be considered as long as they meet the general criteria described in Here is what we need.

We also recently completed a previous project located here:


So obviously we like this design as well. :)

You have a lot of creative freedom here because the goal is to demonstrate the concept in a meaningful, and potentially abstract, manner. Enjoy it! And we are very excited what your mind has to offer!


We absolutely want an icon/image to accompany the text (Gamers Portal); we DO NOT want to see typography only.

We would like to have the image be capable of standing alone as a brand; the image should be unique and recognizable enough to be identifiable by itself.

Also the font used should NOT be easily recognizable and prefer it be stylized. If you are using a standalone font that is Arial, Helvetica, Times Roman that is absolutely not what we are looking for.

We absolutely WANT the icon/image to represent connection; preferably in a manner that is associated with gamers. Again the theme for the site is to connect gamers so that concept should be quickly apparent when looking at the logo.

We absolutely DO NOT want concepts that are cultural in nature. As this will be a global brand, it needs to be culturally neutral.

We also absolutely DO NOT want any game controller / joystick designs. Keep in mind that we span PC, Wii, Xbox, and Playstation platforms and that a single controller/mouse will exclude the other platforms.

We also DO NOT want logos that are too busy, frilly, techie, flowery, subdued, artsy, grungy, conservative, obnoxious, or clip-art.



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