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I'm setting up a new site for a friend who has had a tiny travel website for years. She wants to get serious about it now. The site is http://www.travelbugz.com.

We're starting by revamping the logo before getting into the website design.

From the client:

I love the logo on this website: http://www.cucuyodesigns.com. What I would like to have is the current travelbugz logo (bug in suitcase) updated a bit. Maybe a little airplane with a bug in it flying away like the butterfly on the website I like? I still like the way travelbugz is written next to the logo so that is fine with me to stay the way it is, but I am open to suggestions.

So, elements that are vital:

- A bug (maybe a ladybug, maybe not)

- A "travel" type element (suitcase, airplane, other, ?)

- The word "Travelbugz"

I'd like to see the icon stand strongly alone when the word "Travelbugz" is not beside it, but they should also work great as one big logo.

The site will remain whimsical and light. This will never turn into a content heavy Travelocity or anything. It should remind visitors of how much fun travelling is, and how you can leave all your cares behind and experience something totally new.



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