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Hello all,

About the company:

SKIN, a brand new cosmetic clinic, will be a totally fresh concept in the field of dermatology. Dermatological establishments are far from modern and consumer-oriented. SKIN will bridge this gap by providing fresh and modern facilities in combination with high quality cosmetic services and unique treatments, including Botox, fillers, liposuctions, LASER treatments. It will be the best of both worlds. In other words, one could view SKIN as a contemporary platform on which dermatologists can thrive. In narrower terms, it will be an ultramodern and urban dermatological clinic, in urban locations, for busy professionals that need high quality but fast treatments, in unique and inspirational environments.

Our needs:

Overall, we want a clean, trendy, hip, minimal, modern, technological, urban and ultramodern logo that, at the same time, screams medical and scientific. We have already developed the main idea around our logo, however we welcome any new approaches to our concept. We are providing a picture that gives a rough idea about the logo. We want "SKIN" to be written in a custom urban font (as seen in the picture) that is squeezed downwards and produces a combination of long/thin horizontal and short/thin vertical lines. The picture is just a basic drawing and needs some significant improvement. "SKIN" should only be written in caps. Like I said, even though we are satisfied with this concept, if someone has a different idea about the writing of the brand name and feels confident about it, we're all eyes. Next to it, on the left, we need a picture that shows the essence of our concept and our clinic. Similarly, it needs to be ultramodern and minimalistic, but promote the medical and scientific element of the business. A 3D perspective or a completely 3D image would be preferred. You can play with 3D on both the picture and the letters of the name. Some reflection would also be nice to test. It has to be an object that is clearly understandable, yet very simplistic and minimalistic in its design. We enjoy ideas such as a molecular structure or something that represents skin (like a bunch of blocks etc). Finally, we need a secondary title under the "SKIN" writing, which will read "cosmetic clinics". Different such secondary titles will be used depending on the application of the logo (e.g. it would be "cosmeceuticals" for products etc), so we need this addition to serve as a template for other secondary titles to be used interchangeably. The font should be similarly urban to the writing of the main brand, but more "normal" (eurostile comes to mind). It should go under "SKIN", on the right corner, preferably ending at the same length. It should also be in caps. The logo will be used in signs (the simple linear design should help with that), websites, stationary and pretty much everywhere.

Our target audience:

Our target audience will be busy and affluent professionals that work downtown, hip and affluent youngsters that are in search of anything cool and take care of themselves. We want to target people that are extremely design oriented and seek essence and quality at the same time and can value this element in a business that has traditionally provided dull facilities without imagination.

We like:

We have attached a number of pics that show two logos we have tried drawing ourselves and can serve as a basis for our concept, a couple of pictures of what the clinic facilities would look like and a few ideas that we like, so that you can get a sense of our style and the image that we want to promote.

Our design must have:

We flirt a lot with the idea of having a solely white logo (with clever shadowing or 3D techniques, example attached), even on a white background, but we don't know how feasible or aesthetically pleasing or functional that would be, so we leave it up to the pros. This all white creation would give a very clean image to our brand, we think. If white on white doesn't work, we would then prefer the logo on white background with gray colors and vice versa (2 versions). There should be only one color for the logo, which should be white or gray (or other tones of these neutral colors). In general, our logo should be in agreement with our interior decoration, which will be predominantly white and some elements of metal and glass. A pretty industrial and medical combination that is (fictional pics provided).

We don't like:

Multi-color designs, too complex and other disturbing characteristics must be avoided. Designs must be simplistic but not just plain, they should incorporate clever techniques (3D, attractive surfaces etc) to make something simple look beautiful and unique.

Thanks for your patience with our long description and bad English, looking forward to some creative designs!



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