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Let me tell you about us.

Bar Stool Ventures (BSV) is just what the world needs right now, another Web / IT / Mobile Device consulting shop. :) However we believe that BSV brings a fresh approach to this crowded space. In our mind, the best ideas come when a couple of people brainstorm over a cold one. Our business philosophy is that any deal can be done over a handshake and a pint.

Here is what we need:

Our current need is for a logo and icon.

The logo: The logo should be reflective of our professional, yet fun-loving, company spirit. It will be used on the company website, business cards, and letterhead (all possibly future crowdSPRING projects). At this point there are no font or color palate requirements. Although, we would like for the logo to work on both light or dark backgrounds. There are no size or dimension restrictions for the logo.

The icon: The icon could be a snip-it of the logo or entirely separate. It will primarily be used as a buddy icon, profile picture, or possibly be used for a mobile application icon. It will need to work in the following dimensions: 64x64, 32x32, and 16x16.

Our target audience is:

The audience of our logo and icon will be a variety of people. A few examples would be small business owners whom we are trying to sell services to, application developers we are attempting to hire, and customers of any products/applications build by BSV.

Design notes:

From researching other projects on crowdSPRING, we have found that the talent level and creativity of the designers on this site are bar none. At this point, we feel that any requirements would actually hurt us rather than help us. We'd hate to stifle any of the creative juices out there. With that being said though, we will try to update rankings and comments for new entries at least once per day and more frequently if possible. Hopefully that will lead to an adaptive and fluid process that would be win-win for both sides.



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