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Company name: Secret Women's Business Network (SWBN)

Tagline: The Smart Business Woman's Learning Network

Mission: To deliver exceptional online business training that supports the

success and dreams of women entrepreneurs.

We are a group of three women from different parts of the globe (Australia,

UK, Canada) who have come together to create the Secret Women's Business

Network, and we are looking for a logo which incorporates our tagline.

The idea behind our name: cultures around the world have always included

special groups of women who possess knowledge known only to them. Australian

Aboriginal women call this knowledge "Secret Women's Business" and set aside

women-only places to practice this special learning and to pass it on.

So the emphasis is not on the "secretiveness" of the name or concept, but

that it is a membership-based online network where women can learn to start

an online business, expand their existing business, and feel free to ask for

the support they need from their female peers in order to become successful

entrepreneurs. But it all does happen behind doors closed to men *wink*

Although we wish to appeal to smart, professional and creative women, we are

not dull ;-). We are passionate and quite fun and irreverent at times, so we

encourage you to experiment with that in your designs.

Keywords to inspire your work:

feminine, but not girly/cutesy

simple and clean


fun, playful and/or irreverent

smart and intelligent women

learning, creativity, ideas

a supportive group


professional and entrepreneurial


web 2.0 style

internet/online business and marketing

We're a very new business, but here's our signup page to help you get a

better sense of us:


Here are a few logos we like:

For their simplicity, "web 2.0-ness", whimsy and creativity:




For its sense of professionalism:


For its "group" feel:


For its curvy, feminine, playfulness:


Some of colors we like are greys, dark blues and dark pinks (although any

pinks should be used as a highlight or secondary color):



However, we welcome other color suggestions (except for green), so

please...surprise us!

Must haves: a white background; incorporation of the tagline in a way that

allows the text of it to be changed in future

Must NOT haves: the color green; pictures of hard-faced women, cutesy

flowers and rainbows, or clutter

While we intend to use the logo primarily for online marketing, we would

like it to be flexible enough to translate to business cards, stationery and

other print collateral.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Thank you - we're looking forward to your ideas!



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