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Science and Technology Ventures (STV) is the technology transfer office at Columbia University. We manage Columbia Universitys patent portfolio and serve as the Universitys gateway for entrepreneurs, investors, and companies seeking novel technology solutions.

Our mission at STV is to:

Facilitate the translation of academic research into practical applications, for the benefit of society on a local, national and global basis

Support research, education and teaching at Columbia by generating funding for the University and facilitating partnerships with industry where appropriate

Educate and serve as a resource for the Columbia community on matters relating to entrepreneurship, intellectual property, and technology commercialization

STV is widely considered one of the most experienced and successful university technology transfer offices in the world. On average, we receive and triage more than 300 new invention disclosures from faculty, students and staff, execute 50-60 license deals, and help launch 10-12 start-ups each year.

Our success is due to an exceptional base of world-class scientists working in diverse and dynamic areas of science and engineering. Since the founding of our office in 1982, Columbia inventions have contributed to advances in a wide range of fields and markets, resulting in hundreds of products and services that touch the daily lives of people all over the world.

Columbias inventions are behind several well-known biopharmaceutical products, including Remicade; ReoPro; Tysabri; Erbitux; Simponi; Zolinza; Synagis; Xalatan / Xalcom; Epogen; Avonex; and Herceptin, as well as consumer products, including the Apple iPhone/iTouch, DVDs, LCDs, video-on-demand, and HDTV.

STV employs 42 full-time, interdisciplinary staff, including 11 PhDs, 8 JDs, and 7 MBAs. We work with a wide range of people, including inventors, entrepreneurs, investors, companies, attorneys, and technical experts, each of whom plays an important role in bringing Columbia inventions to market.


We need a logo. The logo will be used in all of our marketing and promotional materials, which include our website, corporate overview (1-sheet, double-sided, front & back), event invitations (HTML invites and flyers), identity materials (business cards, letterhead, and envelopes), and other informational documents (powerpoint presentations, technology marketing materials, etc.).

We dont have pre-set notions on what the logo should look like, but would prefer a modern, classic, abstract graphic with our name incorporated in the logo. It is important that the graphic be reproducible and legible when photocopied (so no tiny font or intricate details) and should be presentable on light or dark backgrounds (reversible colors ok). The logo might reflect our role as a facilitator, connector, partner, or could reflect technology, innovation, invention. If there is a way to convey action, dynamics, or interactive, this would be great. We want a logo that says professional and capable, modern but not edgy, classic but not conservative, practical not ivory tower, at the vanguard but not irreverent (i.e. forward thinking but not trendy).

An example of a logo that we like for another group thats in our line of business can be found at: http://rvl.partners.org/ Their logo graphic seems to reflect connected/connecting dots; despite being a flat 2D design, it has depth and creates an impression of 3D, making it feel dynamic. The combo of the graphic and name with tagline is a bit wordy. We dont need/want a tagline. The rest of the website design is also too crowded and the main images are not compelling (they dont convey discovery, invention, creation, or innovation, etc.)

The official Columbia color is Columbia Blue, or Pantone 290. On a light color background, the logo can also be rendered in black, grey (60% black), Pantone 280, or Pantone 286; on a darker color background, the logo can be rendered in Pantone 290, 291, or 284, depending on which color works best with the overall design (we leave that to your expertise). Please feel free to use other shades of greys or blues that would be complementary to this scheme (though no baby blues please).


Our target audience consists of three main groups: Columbia inventors (faculty members and students), entrepreneurs and investors looking to form start-ups around Columbia inventions, and existing companies/industry executives looking to license Columbia inventions to develop new lines of business and/or new products. Persons in all three groups generally tend to be fairly tech savvy, sophisticated consumers of information. Our audience is primarily between the ages 30-60, male, masters level or above, blackberry addicts with annual income greater than $100K.


http://rvl.partners.org/ - logo only


We are interested in a professional and distinct image, in line with the guidelines stated above.

We have no particular must haves.

Here are a list of absolute NOs:

No drop shadows

No beveling

No embossing effect

No metallic 3D graphic effect

No swooshes

Nothing cartoony



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