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This project is for a logo design for Santa Claus House in North Pole, Alaska. Santa Claus House ( http://www.santaclaushouse.com ) is primarily a gift shop, but also features countless photo opportunities and is a one-of-a-kind experience for visitors of all ages.

Brief history of Santa Claus House:

It all started with a Santa suit...

When Con and Nellie Miller arrived in Fairbanks, Alaska in 1949, they had $1.40 in cash and two hungry kids. Determined to carve out a living in the new territory of Alaska, Con soon became a merchant and fur buyer in the surrounding villages. Donning an old red Santa suit, Con earned celebrity status as Santa Claus in the eyes of the village children - the first St. Nick many had ever seen.

By 1952, the Millers had decided to build a trading post just outside Fairbanks, in an area newly dubbed "North Pole." One day, while hard at work on the new store, a young Alaskan boy recognized Con and asked, "Hello, Santa Claus! Are you building a new house?" Inspiration clicked...the new store would be called "Santa Claus House!"

Since 1952, the world famous Santa Claus House in North Pole, Alaska has welcomed millions of visitors with a unique and exciting shopping experience and an abundance of photo opportunities. Only at Santa Claus House can you see Santas reindeer up close; snap pictures of the Worlds Largest Santa, standing over 40 feet tall, or in front of one of the many hand-painted murals that decorate the face of the building; browse through thousands of unique gifts and collectibles; and of course, have your photo taken with Santa. You can even mail your cards and letters from Santa Claus House for a genuine North Pole postmark.

Over the past half a century, Santa Claus House has been featured in countless newspapers, TV shows, and radio shows around the world. From Good Morning America and the Today Show, to Late Night with Jay Leno; from National Geographic to the LA Times, people from all over the world have heard or read about the place where its Christmas every day.

For more information, please see http://www.santaclaushouse .com

We are open to just about anything creatively. It is difficult to pinpoint a target demographic or feel for the logo as the segments vary so widely. Visitors to the store in the summer tend to trend slightly older, usually retired, while in the fall and winter, families and children of all ages make the pilgrimage to Santa Claus House to deposit their wish list with Santa. The overriding theme is family: grandparents, parents and children, and adults who still believe in the magic of Christmas. Visitors to our website, which number in the millions, run the gamut of ages, from 5 to 90+. Visitors to the store and website come from literally every country in the world.

Over the last 5 decades we have used a variety of logos and logotypes, and are ready for something new which we can invest in long-term. The logo does not have to contain a representation of the building, although I have provided photos to assist inspiration if you choose to go that direction. Again, we are open to just about anything.

The logo will be used in a variety of media including: web, print, video, embroidery, screen-printing and more. It will also be used in a variety of sizes from web-size to 2 inches on t-shirts, to 25+ feet on banners, so keep that in mind as it has to look good at all sizes in all media.

I am certainly available to answer any questions you may have. Good luck.



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