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Creative Brief

Who are you?

RoadScout is a new company/service that provide fleet/asset/people tracking via our software platform and mobile application.

Using our web-based Dashboard platform and service, small business owners, dispatchers, sales and fleet managers, can all track their sales people, road crews, installers, service technicians, trucks, etc. through our free mobile application.

Any business, in real-time, can now watch and track their vehicles or people "on the move" within Google Maps. Track their speed, location, replay their trail, etc., all for a low monthly service.

What do you need?

We need you to develop a creative logo that can easily convey the services we provide. We're very open to all creative angles - mascot, serious, techie, play on the lettering, fonts, colors, etc. However, the logo must be easily read when it's reduced down in size (it will be used within iPhone, Blackberry and Android phones) as it has to be seen on a mobile device screen. Secondly, it has to translate well into a black and white. So put on your creative hats and let's see what you got! :)

Who Is Your Audience?

Our audience will range from any business that has a fleet of vehicles, to an organization that wants to track all their traveling salespeople, to a trucking company, or a Mom who wants to "watch" where her teenage kids are located.


We Like These Examples

There are so many great logos -- maybe because we're very open to letting you do what you do best. So go for it. We do like the clean Web 2.0 look -- that's such an overused term -- so our apologies ahead of time. :)

We Absolutely Must Have

We absolutely must have a logo that someone looks at and immediately "gets it" -- that AHA moment! So, incorporate GPS, Mobile, etc. We plan on being a low cost, fun provider - yellow, red, black ...



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