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Let me tell you about us.

Professional Benefits Society (PBS) is a Nonprofit Association formed by small business professionals. We strive to provide other small business professionals valuable benefits and discounts to assist them with the efficiency and profitability of their businesses.

Here is what we need:

We need a professional logo that we can use mainly for our website, and for other websites that link to us. It's OK to highlight the fact that you can abbreviate the company PBS, but there is so much recognition around the Public Broadcasting Service's PBS trademark that we don't want people to only think pbs. Our website is professionalbenefitssociety.org (please, don't use this website as any indication of design... it's simply a placeholder). The logo will define our color palate so please choose a color palate that is professional and versatile. One suggested color palate was dark burgundy & battleship gray but using only those two colors might not work. Please feel free to present other color combinations that work well - we are not at all tied in any way to burgundy & gray or any other combination. The colors should allow for many logos to be presented on one site...

Some concepts to keep in mind are community, professionals helping one another, connection. We would like the logo to imply that this is a *modern* way for professionals to connect to services.

Our target audience is:

Insurance brokers, real estate professionals, possibly mortgage brokers and financial advisors. These people are typically ages 20-65. They can be located anywhere in the United States. This company is new to the market so we don't have any legacy brand requirements...

We like these designs:

Could be something simple like the bearingpoint's logo (www.bearingpoint.com), but accenture's logo (www.accenture.com) is too simple. CrowdSPRING's logo is cool because the logo helps you see what the company does. Since this logo should help to explain what the company does, it needs to be more than just a pretty font... oambassadors.org has a cool logo also

One thing - be sure that the fonts aren't too small to read if it's a small version of the logo. It should be readable in a small version or large version.

Please provide the source file for your work (whether it's PSD, AI, etc.) along with a jpg or png.



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