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Art of the Product is a blog about all the decisions, big and small, that go into designing a software product. What makes a good product vision? How do you satisfy a market and create differentiators? What usability factors must be considered? How important are aesthetics? How will the product get marketed and sold?

With each post, we explore an aspect of the software product design process, pulling in real world examples and teasing out the lessons that can be learned.

We need a logo for our blog that will fit in the header of our current site design:


The logo likely combines a graphic and text and will replace the text, "Art of the Product" that is currently in the header. It would also be fine to just do a graphical logo and suggest we keep the existing text to the right of it.

Anyone involved in the business of making software. Product managers, designers, marketers, software architects and engineers, owners of software companies, etc.

Here are some logos I've previously crowd sourced:


The Snooty Monkey logo and the BubbleTimer logo were crowd sourced.

You ABSOLUTELY must post an image of the design both stand alone and shown in the header of the site. I can't envision how the proposed logo will look on the site. You need to show me.

Must haves:

* Fun

* Cool

* Interesting

* Specific

* A designer that spends a few minutes looking over the content and design of the blog and then comes up with something appropriate to the current design and tone

* An original, custom logo

Must not have:

* Boring

* Corporate

* Generic

* A designer that ignores the current blog and comes up with something that clashes with the current design and tone of the site.

* Logo from a template

I will give LOTS of feedback to EVERYONE. The winning designer will make thoughtful revisions based on my feedback to them AND TO OTHERS.



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