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Create a logo for a new organization, High Tides, that is focused on helping business reap the financial and emotional benefits of male/female energy working together harmoniously in an evolved corporate paradigm.


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High Tides™

Top 3 Things

1. We are for women: providing tools and support to help them achieve executive leadership positions inside corporations.
2. We are for business results: It’s time to rebalance the world for the future in a way that brings greater power from the equal and combined influence of men and women. Today, there’s an exclusive/overwhelming influence of men. We seek to rebalance the world to allow women and men to work together equally in a way that benefits all. There is proof that tells us more balanced boardrooms have better business results.
3. We are for changing corporate cultures.


Should give a feel more of a consultancy or business enabled, not a social cause.
Yes to images of rising tides and rising profit charts. Yes to sun/moon creating a rising tide. No to mars/venus, no to yin-yang, no to male/female symbols.

Additional Info

We are like a high tide. We gather the individual strength of each woman and combine it into energy that creates a swell. We will draw on the combined energy of men and women (the sun and the moon) and, together, they create high tide that floats all boats. We as team members act like high tide in supporting each other for the collective benefit of ourselves individually and women as a whole. The end result will be a more successful business world and a new workplace that is better for men and women but created by collective energy like high tide.



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