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We help clients with innovation, engineering, science, business, and creativity.

The company solves unsolvable or difficult problems hence the name Orange Syringe. The name is a joke, in English, as most people say that nothing rhymes with the word, Orange, but we say that Syringe does rhyme; although technically, it is not a pure rhyme and syringe rhymes more with hinge or cringe. Secondarily, Orange Syringe is a little odd, funny, and memorable.

Our consulting solutions have included creating companies, drugs, laser isotope separation technology, sales for businesses, making software engineers more productive (we got them some peace and quiet so they could work), ways to grow crops faster, 400 innovations for a shoe company, drugs that cure cancer, and simulating ants to solve freight logistics problems for airlines.


I need a logo for an extreme consulting firm called Orange Syringe.

I imagine an orange ball with an orange medical syringe sticking partially into it, all in sillehoute, but that could be my limited view, but it would work. I'd like a pure graphic version and maybe another one with clear text that says 'Orange Syringe' below or beside or ontop of the graphic. I'd also like to see it in orange silhouette and in black and white silhouette.

Maybe the logo is just that, a syringe that is orange. Maybe it is a syringe with orange within it. Maybe it is a syringe with the words orange syringe within it being squeezed out the needle. Maybe the syringe has the word 'syringe' within it and the word orange is contained in the liquid being pushed out the needle. The idea is still an image that is very clear up close and from a distance.

Please do not shy away from an extreme designs. Don't limit yourself. We are not frightened. Okay, okay, sure you could scare us, but if you tune down your work you won't do your best. We can always say, woah! That's harsh. Can you tone it down a bit? But if you tone it down, we may not even notice the work. If something makes us laugh or recoil or scream, that may be the best work, and we can reach out and iterate, if need be.

We would like the logo to iconic. I know that is a tall order, but image it's on a building, 1000 meters away. And when you see it, the logo brings a smile to your face or a wince, but most of all you can tell from blocks away, "Oh, there is it!"

We'd like it to be recognizable up close and from a great distance.

I imagine it will be orange in color or use an orange (the fruit or a circle) as part of the image. But that's my first guess a little obvious, but maybe it's ok. I also imagine a sillohutte of a medical syringe, but those are my personal and maybe not very creative biases.

If lettering is used, it should be, above all, clear easy to read. Calibri, Arial, Verdana, Garamond, Centuy Gothic, Courier are clear the script fonts are not clear. I would like to avoid them, please.

I would like delivery of the graphics in standard forms, including JPG. I would like some high quality images, and some small, less than 30k, jpgs that can be used in email documents.


Our audience is people. Potential customers, current customers, clients, employees, suppliers, the children of employees, etc. Many people are afraid of needles as they didn't like shots at the doctor as a child. That's okay with us. It's okay if there are some people who do not like the logo or are even offended or are fearful. We don't worry about them. We know the needle in a shot from a syringe is a little painful but that's where the wonderful but necessary and often life saving medicine comes from. If that is a bit offensive to some people, such is life. The needle doesn't have to be the key, but we don't need to hide it, either. Use your creativity. If the needle is part of that, fine.


The islands of the Bahamas logo, Best Buy, the caterpillar CAT logo, the NBA logo, NBC Peacock, FedEx, Mobile, IBM, Major League Baseball... etc.


Graphic of an Orange Syringe logo, with and without the name of the firm in clear text, in color, and in a black and white silhouette



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