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Community & Non-Profit

About Your Company

Saint Vincent’s is a Massachusetts-based nonprofit organization that works with children, young adults, and families to work towards leading safe and healthy lives in the areas of mental and behavioral health. Their staff provides a wide range of in-home, community-based, on-campus, and outpatient behavioral health services. Emphasis is on trauma-informed*, family-centered, compassionate care.

Services are person-centered and range from mental and behavioral health (including counseling and psychiatric services), therapeutic mentoring/one-on-one coaching, to strengths-based as well as life skills and vocational (meaning, transition to adulthood and employment) development.

*Trauma-Informed Care: a treatment framework that involves the understanding, recognizing, and responding to the effects of all types of trauma.

Target Audience:
• Children and young adults ages 0–22 and their families (i.e., parents, guardians, relatives)
• MA Department of Children and Families
• MA Department of Mental Health
• Local School Departments
• Healthcare Companies/Plans
• Hospitals/Doctor’s Offices/Private Practitioners
• Saint Vincent’s staff and prospective employees

Current Mission Statement:
Saint Vincent’s is committed to fostering the well-being of children, young adults, families, and the community through a holistic approach to treatment and care. Taking into account the physical, social, psychological, and spiritual needs of those we serve, we help our clients draw on their strengths and resilience in order to lead safe and healthy lives.

Current Positioning Statement:
For the children, adolescents and their families who seek our care, Saint Vincent’s offers an extensive range of child-focused, family-centered, trauma-informed services across the developmental spectrum to meet their individualized needs, and support the general well-being of those we serve in a holistic manner.


Logo Usage
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Preferred Logo Style
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Preferred Fonts
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Colors to Explore


Logo Text

Saint Vincent’s Services

Top 3 Things

• Professionalism
• Children and Family Focused
• Trustworthy


What we’d like to see…
The two design approaches we’re willing to consider are 1) a graphic mark separate from, but connected to the name and 2) a graphic mark that is integrated into the name itself.

In addition to the logo appearing professional and trustworthy—as well as relating to children and families—we’d also like it to appear personal/human, friendly and approachable, and easy/uncomplicated.

For the typography, we’d like the main emphasis on “Saint Vincent’s”—meaning that the word “Services” should be smaller and can be placed on a second line. In other words, “Services” should not be of equal size and placement.

The logo will need to work with a tagline/descriptor line.

The logo must work in black and white as well as in full color and will be used in print and digitally.

What we do NOT want to see…
While Saint Vincent’s Services is an entity of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Fall River, Massachusetts, we do not want to see any graphic marks, or other design elements (including typography) that would communicate something religious about the organization and its services.

Saint Vincent’s is not a hospital, doctor’s office, nor an orphanage.

Additional Info

• Fernandes Center for Children & Families
• Family Service Association
• Children & Family Services
• Solidground Psychotherapy Associates
• The Trauma Center at Justice Resource Institute
(links are included in the PDF of this creative brief)



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