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Raconteur Media Ltd is a spring-off from worldwide special interest publishers Mediaplanet. We need a great logo for this entrepreneurial and modern company in the newspaper industry.

Here is a summary of what the business will do:

Raconteur Media is a specialist publishing house that independently produce special interest reports that are distributed within the world's leading newspapers. These reports are advertising/sponsorship funded but always contain a minimum of 50 per cent editorial content of the highest level on that specific topic or industry. The uniqueness of this concept lie in using the leading newspapers and its readers to reach a targeted audience, be it business or consumer orientated topics. The benefit to our advertisers is that they are seen in a comprehensive editorial environment in which all of its context is focused on issues relevant to their business, image or industry. We therefore provide a more targeted approach to general newspaper advertising, one that better links editorial with advertising - ultimately delivering better results.

Our initial partners include The Times, The Sunday Times and The Wall Street journal, all top of the range newspapers with enormous credibility and history. Raconteur Media is a much "hipper" and entrepreneurial company - but our logo and brand must be in line with these respected partners. In the future, Raconteur will expand and operate across the world with numerous amounts of different newspapers.

Our spirit:

- We are the best in everything we do

- We believe in hard work and having fun whilst doing it

- We are the best "sales and business school" in the industry

- Always maximise (effort, profit, attitude, love, respect)

How our readers will concieve our products:

- Top of the line journalism by always working with the most distinguished writers and experts

- Extremely strong collaboration partners

- Well thought out papers from journalism to design

- As a great source of special interest content

- Great images and illustrations

- "Heavy" interview subjects

- Innovative and "reader friendly" titles

Our logo needs to say:

- Serious but playful

- Young and Entrepreneurial

- A growth company with great scope

- Professional

We have no preconcieved idea as to how the logo should look at this point, i.e. you have very much carte blanche. For a greater understanding of the company and the industry, please see www.mediaplanet.com

Raconteur is basically Mediaplanet x 10 in all aspect of the word and business wise.

Good luck and thanks in advance

/Team Raconteur Media



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