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Hello creatives! We're developing a new remote backup service called Fwd:Vault (say it "forward vault"), which allows users to remotely backup their files via e-mail attachments. There's no software to install, and message contents are also saved, offering a remote message archive.

Our target audience is professional workers:

1. Travel-heavy professionals, who live and die by their inboxes

2. Small businesses who want backups and/or meet data compliance regulations, but lack IT staff

3. Office workers and executives looking to (a) maintain their data off of corporate equipment, and/or (b) personally ensure their data integrity.

They don't have much technical know-how, and don't have an IT staff at their disposal (or don't *want* to use IT). But they all know e-mail inside and out, and have some conception of the importance of backing up. The lack of software to install, configure, and update will be a key selling point. We'll also obviously leverage their familiarity with e-mail.

What we need:

We're looking for an iconic logo that encompasses this concept of marrying backups with e-mail. We obviously want to cater to the audiences described above, so it should be friendly and approachable with a professional polish. It should declare "This meets my need, and is so easy that I can do it myself."

The logo must incorporate the product name, in the format "Fwd:Vault". Capitalization of the "F" and "V" is negotiable, depending on the overall design, but will be capitalized in print. The name does not necessarily have to be integrated with the graphical elements directly, i.e. the name doesn't have to *be* the logo. It will appear on our website and in web ads, so visibility at web resolution is key.

Since everything is brand new, there is no pre-existing style requirements, so it's wide open for interpretation! For what it's worth, a lot of initial thoughts involved some combination of the usual mail imagery (stamps, envelopes, etc.), arrows, and a safe or lock. Your design does not have to include any of these elements; the graphical content is secondary to accurately conveying the concept and speaking to the audience.

Delivered PSD/AI files must include original element layers, i.e. do not merge layers or flatten the image.



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