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Avalon Filmworks is a New Media company. We are taking advantage of the flexibility the web, using a combination of videos, written word, webcomics, and podcasts, to weave a new universe of intertwining stories.

We are looking for a logo that can be used throughout our branding (i.e. in our site header, on our business cards, on letterhead, etc.) We will also probably be putting it on merchandise including t-shirts, DVD packages, and so on.

In our initial sketches, we we're tinkering with the idea of a tower or castle for the second 'A' in Avalon, but decided that while it did invoke that mythology imagery we were thinking about, it was both too complicated and too old. We are struggling to balance the between the shine and sleekness you would expect from a Web 2.0 media company but also the strength and security that should be invoked when someone hears the name 'Avalon' (for anyone unfamilar with the mythical island of Avalon, check this out: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Avalon).

We would like the actual logo to be a standalone image, with or without the company name attach, but still be recognizable as our logo.



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