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This is a new independent film company that will be producing short and feature length films in the genres of drama, film noir, romance and even a little horror.

We're a young group with a lot of imagination and find the little stories in life some of the most beautiful things out there. We also strongly believe in sending a message in every film we make. We see film not just as a commercial venture but a representation of ourselves and the characters and stories we make and see them as a part of history. Our material is commercial and more on the sophisticated side of things so we're looking for a logo that is professional (not too goofy or wacky). We love visuals that carry illusions to them.

The company is named after an appreciation for both the beauty of the Black Ghost Knife fish and its somewhat surreal/alien look to it and its movement. Here is a link to a youtube video showing the GhostKnife's strange elegance: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=geajxS37m...

The winning creative will be mentioned on the official blog of GhostKnife Pictures as well as get Special Thanks & Designed By credits on the website's Contact page once the site launches (date unknown yet). The credits will link to a website of the winner's choice (i.e. their own portfolio site, twitter, etc.) and be a permanent fixture on the website for as long as the logo is used.


One of the things we love about the GhostKnife fish is its one long fin on its underside. It vaguely reminds us of movie curtains in old movie houses. That is an idea we'd like to see explored logo-wise. Speaking of movie curtains, red is an ok color but it certainly should be either a highlight or a much less dominant color. We like dark blues & purples as well as silver. But if it looks good we're open to it so feel free to bring in other ideas. (as long as it isn't on the sillier side of things.) A grungy or textured look is something we are also interested in.

Ideally, the logo would also lend itself to motion because we are looking at getting it animated for on screen. So designs that keep that in mind are a step ahead! (this is what intrigued us about the curtain movement of the Ghost Knife's fin)

(If you get really into the project and feel like sketching some possible animations the logo could go through as you see it then definitely feel free to, it might give you an edge as well.

We need a black and white logo as well as a color logo (should you decide to submit a design in color) to be used on both print, screen and web. (We'd also like the ai project file if possible, it'll be easier to edit for video).


Our customers are everyone who likes to see movies! Our work currently in pre-production is of a wide variety appealing to both adults and kids, sophisticated and off the ball humorists as well as all of those hopeless romantics out there. And don't forget about the guys (and gals!) who just want to see stuff blow up. So our demographic is pretty wide in scope.

We want our logo to stick in the minds of our audiences and be recognizable for quality storytelling.


FOCUS Features - our absolute favorite logo. It's bold but subtle and the integration of the meaning of the word into the logo is something we love (although picturing a ghost and a knife in our logo just doesn't seem right). This is what we've got in mind when we say more sophisticated but with a little fun up the sleeve. (kinda like we imagine Helvetica would be at a party).

PIXAR with the light bulb and font. - It's something that doesn't need to be changed too much to go on black/white and on print. The light bulb adds an element of play to the design we like.

Warner Bros. - We like the boldness of the design.

Legendary Pictures - this looks great on screen even without movement but it conveys the nature of the films that Legendary makes and is complex yet simple. We love this one.

The Weinstein Company - love the VERY subtle hint at what the company does (using floor lights to create the "W" logo.

Dreamworks (with the kid in the moon). Again, hints at dreaming and imagining things like when you were a little kid but it doesn't come off as childish or cartoonish.

As far as looks and style:

old, dusty, faded typewriters, film cameras and keys

water and rippling motions (like curtains)

interested in urban looks as well


solid metals

grunge, distortion, grain

alternatively, we also like very clean cut, bright, solid color designs as well.

We like both serif and sans serif fonts.


"GhostKnife Pictures" or "ghostknife pictures" or "GHOSTKNIFE PICTURES" or "ghostKnife pictures"



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