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We're investors in the oil and gas industry, looking to acquire mineral rights in the U.S.'s most prolific producing regions across Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Oklahoma and Louisiana. We'll work with other mineral rights holders, whether companies, investment funds, families or individuals from all walks of life, to identify profitable acquisition targets. Traditional oil and gas wells will be the typical target of ours.


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Renaissance Energy Resources or RER

Top 3 Things

Oil. New thinking ('renaissance in the industry'). Classic/timeless.


Has a classic look to it, perhaps with a modern twist. Incorporates oil and/or oil drilling pump (land - not offshore rig).

Additional Info

There has been a dramatic change in the energy field, making US production much more productive than it used to be and making us energy-independent. We see it as a 'Renaissance' in the industry - breakthrough ideas that are changing the course of world events. In the Renaissance, there was a bubbling up of bold new ideas, new directions, beliefs that were completely novel to humankinds thinking (like the world is round). We believe relative to energy, we're in a bit of a renaissance period, and wanted our name, logo, and branding to represent that. Tend to like a more classic look to the writing style - 'a throwback to earlier times' - but also see contemporary scripts that can work. Our logo will be on the simpler side, not overly complex (the Rover example below inches toward being too complex). A couple sites of others in the industry that are interesting: https://www.bonanzaminerals.com , http://roverpetro.com , http://www.endeavoracquisitions.com/the-... , http://iliosresources.com/mineral-rights... , http://www.momentumminerals.com . A couple sites that are not interesting: http://www.kimbellrp.com (bad logo), https://www.clearforkroyalty.com. The website that Bonanza has above is the kind that this logo will be worked into, though it's not been designed yet.



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