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There are no client updates at this time.

I need a logo to drive the look & feel of the new web site (that will be my next project). It will also appear on stationery and then I might need alternate colors for use on clothing for employees etc.

The company is in the electronic waste (E-Waste) space and we will also offer professional IT services. Target customers will be Fortune 1000 type in Finance, Health, Insurance etc.

I would like the T to be related to the word Technology. Maybe a tag line? Or, a take off from Green Tea if we think folks are smart enough to 'get it'. Either way, I think the name needs to be spelled out (not just initials).

I'm a hands on executive. I love the idea of this site and can't wait to see if this can be an extension of internal resources (long-term)!

I like the deep maroon color (used it in a previous company) and probably need a recycle GREEN in there. I can be talked out of these - just a feeling.

I am pushing Secure, Green and Compliance (with regulations) in the pitch. That is what these corporate accounts will want to hear. I think I need a tag line for that. "Secure. Responsible. Technology Asset Managment." has been suggested. It meets the criteria but i can be talked out of it.



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