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My wife and me are starting a line of Christian apparel. I have 20 years of experience in apparel. I have left the last company I owned this March and so this will be an exciting start up for us.

The company/brand/site/etc name will be 4thirteen.net. The reason for the name is Philippians 4:13 "I can do all things through Christ who strenghthens me". We want/need a very good logo for this brand. We tried to get 413.com, 413.net and they were taken so we ended up with www.4thirteen.net. So we want to go with that for the logo meaning we want to use the number 4 and word thirteen and even the .net most likely to a smaller extent on the .net.

This is an all demographics uni-sex brand with shirt sized from 6M to 3XL so the logo should be one that is not to edgy or to simple and conservative. Just try to think of something real sharp that will appeal to all.

We like logos that are powerful and easily noticable and readable from a little ways away from it. Ones that work well on web, catalogs, retail tags, business cards, etc. We do not like busy logos with a lot of art filling it up and making the brand hard to read.

We do not want a cross or the icthus fish or any specific Christian symbol in the design. We are thinking just a good use of the number 4, word thirteen & .net will work if it is done well enough. If it makes sense and looks good to squeeze in Philippians then we aren't opposed to having it included but we think it will probably make the logo to busy. For colors we are looking at a couple of different options. One being an earthy green & med brown, the other being a navy & columbia blue.



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