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St. Croix Chocolate Company will open in the tiny town of Marine on St. Croix, Minnesota in April. Marine hugs the rugged banks of the St. Croix river, a scenic corridor that is wild, interesting, timeless, but always new. It embodies a sense of both adventure, and groundedness or rootedness. Nature is definitely a defining and repetitive theme both for the geographic area and for the company.

Product line will include handmade traditional or classic bon-bons and truffles with lots of fruit flavors, nut pastes, caramels, and of course, excellent flavorful chocolate. Fresh is an important tenet.

We are sourcing as many ingredients as possible locally (i.e. cream will come from the organic dairy right across the river or from our own goats). Butternuts used to grow all along the river, and we're very drawn to using Minnesota-produced fruits, hazelnuts, black walnuts, and maple syrup.

Chocolates sold through this company line would be positioned to appeal to both locals and tourists (the town in on a tourist route along the river). Creating beautiful and flavorful chocolates is very important to us. However, we are not fans of what we call tourist chocolates...so-so chocolate in overpriced boxes with pictures of ships (or whatever) and adorned with big fancy ribbons.


A logo that suggests fresh, natural, flavorful, high-quality. It should be graphically svelt, not exotic, fussy or all flourishy.

It should have some suggestion of natural elements such as leaves, nuts, pinecones, bird, etc. If it includes the name of the business, it should be spelled either St. Croix Chocolate Company or St. Croix Chocolate Co. We're rather partial to Garamond or similar typefaces at the moment, but not wedded to them. Would probably prefer a serif to san serif for this line, or possibly something mixing the two. Partial to spring greens and rich browns, but open to other possibilities as well.


Both women and men who love really good food, and care about where it comes from and how it came to be. Women tend to buy for themselves, while men tend to buy more as gifts.

They view chocolate as an affordable luxury that can transport them for a moment or two. Yet, they also want to have a sense that they are supporting community with their purchase. It's personal to them. They give chocolate as a gift to family and friends, but they also "forget" to give chocolate they intended as a gift, so they can eat it themselves.

They are middle to upper middle class, probably have a college degree, own their own homes and are likely to also drink tea, coffee or wine. They don't accumulate wealth, however. They are engaged in their communities. They've probably been to a church or school fundraiser or an outdoor art show in the past year. They prefer Target to Wal-mart, but if they do shop at Wal-mart, they don't volunteer that they do.


The attached files show styles of illustrations or logos we like. Vistaprintdone.tif is a quick postcard we designed ourselves for distribution when we were doing home-produced chocolates in Dec. 09. 8piece.jpg is a photo of eight of the chocolates offered in December, so you have an idea what the actual product is.



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