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Let me tell you about us.

NameGavel.com is a domain name and site concept marketplace. It is a place where domainers can buy, sell and trade names among themselves, where entrepreneurs can research and purchase brandable domain names for their projects, and where the individual with one or two names can put them up for sale. The site will also feature the ability for sellers to post "concept documents" and package them with domain names.

Here is what we need:

A clean and progressive logo we can use on the site, ad banners and the schwag we put out. We would like a deliverable that is two or three PMS colors (could be more in RGB), as well as a black & white version for contracts, press releases and other faxable docs.

We picture the logo as having the words "NameGavel.com" (can be all caps, or camel-case, as shown), and an icon of some sort. The site is mostly auction-based (versus trade or flat-fee), so the gavel would be an appropriate visual.

You should plan to deliver Illustrator versions in the following color formats: RGB, CMYK, PMS and Black-only

Our target audience is:

By and large, it is domain speculators and entrepreneurs (thus a B2B audience) though, as mentioned, the general public is welcomed, if "Joe User" wants to buy or sell one or two names.

We like these designs:

visionati.com, pop17.com, gurudelvino.com, buddyschool.com, flektor.com squidoo.com - All for different reasons. This applies only to the logos of each of the sites, the color scheme and such can be your call. (though we want to stay away from Orange, if at all possible).

Also, be advised when using gradients that they do not screen print very well, so use them sparingly, or provide a version that does not use the gradient for use on t-shirts and premium items.

Our design absolutely must have:

The words "NameGavel.com" It DOES NOT have to be in a string like shown. You can present it as "NameGavel" with .com smaller and under the main words, but the name "NameGavel" is always presented as one word.



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