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Hello Creative Minds,

Want to start out by saying that I'm really impressed by all the work that I've seen on this site so far, and I appreciate the time you're taking to look at my posting.

I am opening a fast-casual/quick-serve restaurant called 'Naan Stop' which is essentially "the Indian version of Chipotle".

Here is a basic idea of how it works:

You walk in, and we throw a fresh naan in the tandoor oven. You then go down the line and pick your meat (tandoori chicken, lamb kebab, etc.) and then your different toppings. You then choose your sauce (different curries and indian sauces), and we fold it into a naan wrap sandwich.

The target demographic is the same as Chipotle - 18-34 year olds, with a similar spending profile. Average sandwich price is $8.50.

I am looking for a logo that conveys several things: gourmet, somewhat upscale but not fancy, fresh, organic and tasty. It's hard to say what I'm looking for, but I can give you some idea of what I'm NOT looking for:

-something that looks like a cheap corporate chain (like a Domino's or Pizza Hut)

-something quirky (Q'doba)

-something too colorful

We are still working on a tagline, but I think something that explains what it is that we do would be best- something like "Gourmet Indian sandwiches". If you guys have any ideas for the tagline, that would be awesome too!

I will be checking in very frequently to provide feedback and I will try to score as accurately as I can, not giving out 4's and 5's unless that is truly the direction we want to start heading in.

Hope that was enough information- can't wait to see what you come up with!

If you'd need any more info before you get started just let me know!

Thanks so much,




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