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We see our brand presence as young and fresh, and need a logo to match. We offer innovative products that topple day to day problems with a technological punch. Our current logo was designed by one of our PHP programmers, sort of a sending the butcher to bake a loaf of bread mess (our current logo) that needs a youthful reinvention of exuberance that reflects our energy and company culture.

Trusting a designers vision is our approach to this project. We are not married to a specific color pallet, font type or familyWith that said script fonts are out, I think sans serif will be most successful, but I have often been impressed with resourceful serif font use. Please review our current logo and Web site.

With that said, the logo will have to include the company name My Job Searcher but should give more attention to some sort of three dimensional, geometric, tangible presence than our current logo. Maintaining the radar element of our current logo is of interest but NOT necessary.

About us:

My JobSearcher.com is both a job board and a provider of B2B services for the HR and Staffing industry engaging a national market. As a job board, job seekers visit our site, upload resumes and search for available positions.

Our primary service for the HR and Staffing industry is a job board aggregator that saves users time and money. HR professionals and staffers can post available positions to over 50 job boards from one online location. The service saves time by eliminating a user having to visit individual job boards to setup accounts, login, logout, and repetitively copy-paste an available position. With MyJobSearcher a user logs in once, populates one template that describes the available position, and can then send that description to over 50 job boards.

Users also improve their reach towards job seekers. Removing time as a limiting factor, employers can reach job boards they are often forced to bypass.

MyJobSearcher saves users money by offering substantial discounts for posting to popular pay-to-post job boards like Career Builder and Monster.com.


We are looking to leverage the logo as the primary visual element of our brand. It will have placement everywhere from our Web site and e-blasts to stationary and signage. Soon after committing to a logo we will work towards an aesthetic redesign of our Web site home page and overall site. The coming logo will be a guiding visual element in that redesign.


Our target audience is staffing and HR professionals. We are less concerned with job seekers. Our clients are larger, small shops doing 5-80 million in business annually. Demographic of professionals seems to be an approximate even split between men and women.

Us from the other guy? There are few job board aggregators that work for staffing and HR professionals. We have no true competitors offering the same service. In terms of product we are competing with Monster and Career Builder as we offer discounted access to Monster and Career Builders job boards. Why not go straight to the source? We offer low volume purchasers a better rate than Monster and Career Builder offer, so we do have a price advantage.

Our clients are very pleased with My Job Searcher but seem somewhat in different to our brand, regarding it as utilitarian. We need to excite and engage. Being a startup we have to establish ourselves in the mind of our target audience.


We are looking for something with three dimensional presence, geometrical considerations are highly regarded and an overall effect of tangibility should be achieved. A logo that can establish multiple ideas in one visual representation is great. Mint.com does this well http://www.mint.com/. I offer Skype http://www.skype.com/ as a logo that achieves exuberance but becomes unprofessional in its playfulness. I really appreciate Highrise http://www.highrisehq.com/ and Basecamps http://www.basecamphq.com/ logos. Highrise and Basecamp work well in establishing identity but could have more energy and inventiveness. Finally, I find chilis current logo http://chilis.com/ very effective.

Of these examples, Mint and Chilis resonate best and meet the desired parameters.


The design must include our company name, MyJobSearcher.

We have yet to decide whether we want the logo to read MyJobSearcher or MyJob Searcher.com. Trust your gut and we can decide what works.

Type set and treat with effects as you wish. We can advise further once we see your work. As previously mentioned, maintaining the radar element of our current logo is of interest but NOT necessary.



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