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Let me tell you about us.

I make fused glass - jewelry, window panels, bowls, plates, ornaments etc. I design the piece, choose and cut the glass, then put it together and fire it in my kiln at 1450 degrees. Then I do the final steps to make it into a piece of jewelry or bowl etc.

Here is what I need:

I need a logo that will be used on my web site and on business cards.

Our target audience is:

Women, 50 years old, including 30 - 70 years, who appreciate handmade products and like artistic accessories.

Feminine and classy, not too frilly or childish.

A bit whimsical.

I like these designs:

I like the swirls that are popular these days like in the Sears tv ads and on these sites:



I like these sites too:


I like the colors - they let the colors of the jewelry stand out. Her logo is her name in a nice font with a piece of her artwork.

I like art deco.

This site - I don't love the colors but I do love the font:


Love this site:


This site is nice:


My initial place-holder web site is under construction and can be seen here:


(ignore the stock music!)

I do like the font I used for the name, but I forget what it was! :-)

We can incorporate a photo of one of my pieces - it there is a workable one there, or let me know what you need and I'll see if I can take another shot to match.

Definiton of Whimsey:

Whimsey - also known as Lunchpail Pieces, whimsies are glass pieces created by glassmakers as special gifts for loved ones or close friends, with special or unique features, rarely sold on the open market and fetching extremely high prices from collectors attracted to the work of a given shop.

It is a fitting name for my new venture. I'm making fused glass pieces - jewelry, wall hangings, panels, whatever catches my fancy - for gifts and the pleasure of creation.

Of course, there are alternate definitions:

2 : the quality or state of being whimsical or fanciful

3 : a fanciful or fantastic device, object, or creation especially in writing or art



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