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We are

Our company Pukka Software runs MotorsportReg.com, an online event registration service used by car club event organizers. Enthusiasts use our service to register and pay for events. Organizers use us to eliminate paper forms and automate the preparation for an event. We handle social events, safety clinics, high performance driving schools, autocross, club racing and more.

We need:

The logo will replace the masthead on our existing properties and will be used in marketing efforts going forward. It will appear on the website and in HTML emails. It may also be used in small Powered by graphics distributed to third-party partner and affiliate sites. The primary use for this logo is electronic.

It will be necessary to have a two-color or duotone version of the logo that can print well. It may be used in Word documents and fax headers and so forth. We are almost entirely digital but we do have printed goods from time to time for conferences or small marketing efforts.

A tertiary consideration should be space for a tagline. We do not currently have a tagline but we do have multiple properties that are variations such as MotorcycleReg.com, AutocrossReg.com, etc. Each of these sites is a filtered list of the same events that we offer today. One idea was that each domain would use the same logo with a tagline that identified which version like in the attached example.

One of the issues with our name is the length and the aspect ratio. If the developed logo includes a mark or something signature about it, we may be interested in a smaller badge type graphic for use where space constraints prohibit using the full-size logo.

Our audience is:

We have two audiences for our site; the first are the event organizers - typically volunteer members of a car club who spend their time putting on events for fellow members. The second are their customers, the actual attendees of the event. There are about 100 attendees per organizer.

For the attendees using our site, there is a lot of diversity from teenagers registering for a safety driving clinic through 60+ year olds registering for a season of wheel-to-wheel club racing. Most of our audience, however, are car guys/gals and are enthusiasts. Pretty much all of them love their cars and probably love to drive them fast. Because of the disposable income required to participate in some events, there are fewer 18-25 than 25+ users but we see people from all backgrounds and demographics registering for events. This is not NASCAR-esque; most of our customers are holding events at road courses like Infineon Raceway, Mid-Ohio, Watkins Glen, etc.

In general, attendees are required to use our service by the organizer. From this perspective, our users dont necessarily desire a deep relationship with us. However, for people who have been filling out paper forms, we receive many compliments for cutting out the red tape of registration.

We are well-known in our segment and have been growing rapidly over the past three years. We are the premium, professional-grade choice. When we go head to head with a competitor for a customer, we almost always win. The only reason we havent fully dominated the market is due to inertia; a change in process means extra up-front work for volunteer organizers (even if ultimately its easier/better/faster).

We like:

We like clean, clear, simple design. We would not mind an automotive or motorsports-related component in the logo and are open-minded about the best solution.

Here are some links to organizations (and their logos) with whom we work. This should give you some idea of what exists currently theme-wise and style. We *do not* want to replicate them but we also dont want to be the opposite: scca.com, bmwcca.org, pca.org, audiclubna.org, sfrscca.org, oregonscca.com, ggcbmwcca.org.

We have uploaded 2 sketches to give you ideas. Things that we like about the sketches are that the type flows together better rather than the simple type we use today. It also has an automotive component without being ridiculous and the second instance has space for a short tagline.

Our design must have:

The text of the logo must read MotorsportReg.com. We are flexible about how the .com appears. We do not currently have a tagline to put underneath it, but please include some example styling of how it might appear with and without a tagline.

Our site and most of our materials are blue, specifically #369AC9. Therefore, anything you create must work well in conjunction with at least that color and white. It is acceptable to use some kind of a border or outline that sets it off against the background color if needed.

We dont want to be cheesy-clich. Checkered flags, wheels, car outlines, whatever; they may all be worked into a design but its important that we dont come out looking cheesy / cutesy.



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