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Our company provides software to retailers who want to extend their existing website so that it can provide a great experience to mobile consumers who are using the browser on their mobile phones. Despite iPhones & G1s, 99% of websites provide a lousy experience for mobile browsers because they are optimized for full-size screens and technologies like Flash. Our company was founded to let retailers serve this rapidly-growing market. We make it easy for companies to use their existing web assets to provide mobile-focused web presence. We are US-based, and will primarily serve US-based companies for the next year, broadening reach after that.

We need a logo for our new company name: Unbound Commerce.

- The logo will be used in conjunction with our company name on our own website and on our company literature.

- The logo can be either a graphic image to go alongside & complement our company name, or it can be a stylization of the name itself, or both

- It is important that the logo reinforce the meanings behind the name we've selected. To us, "Unbound" is intended to communicate:

1) untethered, mobile -- for the consumer who wants Anytime, Anywhere

2) unlimited, great upside, no ceiling -- for retailers who want to serve this rapidly growing market

- Need logo to be able to be placed on a white page or a dark page

- It's OK (& maybe desirable) to place greater emphasis on Unbound over Commerce. Unbound is the unique, distinctive name; Commerce is the category name.

Worth noting that Unbound Commerce is also a bit of an oxymoron, though I don't know if that has any useful implications:

- Unbound: no structure, light, free

- Commerce: lots of structure, grounded, trustworthy

We sell to senior and middle management at larger retailers, especially those already involved with the website. They are tech-aware, probably not techies. They'd like a little edginess, but not be too far out there. I'd like the design to be fun, but not frivolous -- because the customer is a business buyer.

Here's an indication of designs we sorta like.

From existing CrowdSprint logo projects:

Thumbdive logo: #30 by ultim8grfx and #120 by OknooRap

Fwd:Vault logo: #6 by ArtbyAudree and #46 by Rapunzel

Cadence Marketing logo: #27 by Ninet6 and #28 by thunderbolt

From existing company logos (mostly tech):

Allurent, JBoss, Symantec, Smart and Scene7



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