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Pure Sportswear is a startup company in the athletic footwear and apparel industry. Our initial product is a golf shoe designed to enhance the natural performance of the foot, as though the golfer is walking and playing barefoot.

Conceptually, we are designing a style of footwear with traditional styling yet on the bleeding edge of technology, combining space age products and innovative architecture with classic, timeless design.

Philosophically, we advocate the natural and essential pursuit of athletic performance. Golfers feel the earth beneath their feet as they stand on a perfectly mown green. Runners bound over terrain like natural hunters. Soccer players dance like barefoot ballerinas. Pure performance depends on strong connection with the ground.

Going barefoot helps you perceive the world around you more intimately. Using hundreds of nerves, muscles, joints, and tendons that are connected throughout our entire body, the feet are the most fundamental contact with the earth. Playing barefoot improves stability, balance, and agility, naturally by empowering your body to achieve peak performance as designed.

Our mantra is

Essential Athletic Experience

Some brand thoughts to consider

- Natural

- Essential

- Agile

- Wholesome

- Trusting

- Real

Some imagery to consider

- Standing on the green in a pure links course like The Old Course at St. Andrews, you look out at the ocean, and you can see for miles. As you look inland, you see rolling dunes, with fairways full of walking golfers. You smell the beach, the ocean and the grass, and you feel the strong wind blowing in your face. Walking across the green, you notice that your feet are picking up very slight changes in undulation, like your feet have more intimate insight than your eyes ever could. You look down at your feet to line up a putt and it just all seems to work. You were meant to stand on this green in these shoes.

- At the end of a long day walking 36 holes with great friends, you prop your feet up in front of an outdoor fire and think about how fresh you feel. As you laugh through a couple of stories told over and beers, you think about wanting to get back out on the course the next day for another 36 and you know youre going to be ready


As a mandatory, we need a Pure logotype, and a Pure Sportswear logotype.

We also need a single, distinctive design that can act as a logo without the logotype

Here are a couple safer thoughts on the topic:

- A stylized P that can stand alone might work as a more singular application, while also being part of the logotype

- A simple Pure logotype could be sufficiently singular

A less safe, more distinctive picture/design element would be preferred. Obviously it needs to fit with your Pure logotypes.

One concept weve thought about (but not much) is to have an animal that might represent the idea of essential athletic performance, like a rabbit, kangaroo, or antelope? This might be a dry hole, but maybe you can help us discover something new that really fits with the spirit of the brand were working to create and becomes its personality.

If you come up with a great design that were happy with, I intend to contract for other, more direct applications such as stationary with the winning designer.


Our target is the avid athlete, specifically the avid golfer. The avid golfer plays 50-100+ rounds of golf per year, including some on spectacular golf courses, spending many thousands of dollars per year on equipment, travel, greens fees, and club membership fees. The members of this group are male, by a great majority. While it would be great to have a brand that reaches women with the essential, natural message, it must unequivocally resonate with men.

The target buyer values his experience on the course, his game, his body, and his appearance, more than the $200 he spends on each pair of these shoes, and he is likely to buy several pairs. He will eventually want to replace all of his golf shoes because these are so profoundly different (and better) than the golf shoes he has been wearing which artificially and mechanically enhance his stability, while removing his natural connection with the course and his game.

He is a professional, e.g. doctor, lawyer, entrepreneur, banker. He is proud of his professional accomplishments and wants his golf game and golf gear to reflect his success. He makes $100,000 per year at a minimum, and may make significantly more.






1. Pure and Pure Sportswear Logotypes

2. A singular design that can accompany or is integrated with the Logotype

This logo/logotype will be used on shoes, shirts, hats, etc. Often, it will be embroidered or leather stamped. Therefore, it needs to be simple, clean and direct so it can be reproduced in these applications where it might not be flat or able to distinguish more intricate elements

I encourage you stay away from deliberate golf imagery if you can avoid it, as the brand ultimately needs to transcend a single sport



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