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What is the exact name you would like in your logo?

Drayton Entertainment

What is your industry?


What are the top 3 things you would like to communicate through your logo?

As we are a live theatre company, our logo should communicate: 1) A sense of whimsy and fun we present magical theatre experiences. 2) Creatively represent/convey the fact this theatre company operates 7 theatres. 3) Professionalism without the pretension.

What logo styles do you like (image + text, image only, text only, etc.)

As explained further below, we currently have a text-based logo, which we appreciate for its simplicity. However, we are ultimately attracted to logos which contain both image + text. We work in a visual medium, so we appreciate the symbolism contained within the images companies use to represent themselves to their consumers.

We do not have a requirement as to the relationship between the text and the image whats most important is that the two elements achieve balance and work well together.

Capital letters versus lowercase is best left to issues of design purpose and practicality.

Do you have any other info or links you want to share?

Summary: Drayton Entertainment is a registered, not-for-profit charitable organization and one of Canada's most successful professional live theatre companies. We present the finest in live theatre for all ages at seven unique venues across the province of Ontario: the Drayton Festival Theatre in Drayton, Huron Country Playhouse and Playhouse II in Grand Bend, King's Wharf Theatre in Penetanguishene, St. Jacobs Country Playhouse and Schoolhouse Theatre in St. Jacobs, and the new Dunfield Theatre Cambridge, which opened in March 2013.

Mission: Drayton Entertainment is committed to the creation and development of a unique corporate model blazing a trail of innovation and excellence. Our mission consists of three interrelated parts. Production Mission - To produce, present, and promote the finest in live theatrical entertainment and related activities in a wide variety of innovative styles. Economic Mission - To operate the company on a sound financial basis by balancing artistic integrity with fiscal responsibility and to provide patrons with increasing value for money and employees and artists with enhanced career opportunities and financial rewards. Social Mission - To operate the company in a way that recognizes the central role that theatre and related activities play in the structure of society by initiating innovative ways to improve the quality of life of a broad community (local, regional, provincial, national, and international).

Logo Samples / Branding History: Three logo samples are enclosed as part of this creative brief.

Logo 1 is our original logo, used from 2001 to 2010. The graphic purposely contained different colours to represent each of our theatres (and the possibility for future growth). The graphic itself was designed to be representative of our various theatres it could be interpreted as the iconic tower of our flagship venue (Drayton Festival Theatre), but it could also represent other structures such as a Schoolhouse for our venue in St. Jacobs, and a tent/barn for our theatre in Grand Bend. The primary colours associated with the logo complemented our branding at the time, which focused on "lighthearted musicals and comedies" as a summer stock theatre company.

While this type of programming is still very much our mainstay, as we have grown over the years adding venues to our operations, we have progressed to a year-round theatre company with a more eclectic style - we also present dramas and plays with more serious undertones.

Hence Logo 2 was introduced in 2010 as an interim solution during a company-wide rebranding, and is used to this day. Seven colours were selected to represent our 7 venues, with tones substantially more sophisticated than the primary hues that dominated our original logo. We also liked the legibility factor, as the word "entertainment" was more pronounced than in our original logo. In this version of our logo, we purposely opted to avoid the use of a capital "D" and "E", opting for lowercase letters in order to foster the sense of accessibility, openness, and sense of community which are the hallmarks of our organization and separate us from our competitors. However, we realized that its application had some limitations - namely, the gradient required within the logo would not transfer easily beyond printed projects to uniform embroidery, merchandise, etc.

Logo 3 is a draft of our thoughts moving forward, as conceived by our marketing department. We kept to our current wordmark but swapped out the colour and instead made it white. We created a black box to represent the black box world of theatre, and then tried to achieve the feeling of light by using theatre spotlights in different colours to represent our 7 theatres. The result was ultimately met with ambivalence by our staff - it looked like a "rock concert" entertainment company instead of a live theatre company.

Moving forward, we are open to interpretations of Theatre Lighting as a theme for our logo, but just as interested in a fresh perspective and entirely new concept. Be creative, and have fun!

Our Requirements: 1) Legibility for the words Drayton & Entertainment. Please note that this does not necessitate that both words appear as the same size.
2) Flexibility in usage. Our logo will be used on everything from website and promotional materials to stationery, uniforms, and merchandise. It should have the same recognition and impact on an envelope as it would projected and magnified on a wall.
3) A meaning behind the graphical elements (somehow convey the fact that we operate 7 theatres).
4) Easy modification, should we divest or expand to add an 8th theatre in the future.
5) A sophisticated colour palette.
6) A black and white version of the logo should be available for projects that are not printed in colour.
7) Adaptability ideally, upon selection of the winning logo design, we are very interested in working with the winning designer on a larger project, which would expand on the Drayton Entertainment logo to include 7 individual logos for each of our 7 theatres all of which would relate back to the signature Drayton Entertainment logo.

Our Dislikes: 1) Theatre clichs such as comedy/tragedy masks.
2) Unnecessary Pretense we provide quality entertainment that is affordable and available to many different segments of the community.
4) Run-of-the-mill, tired concepts we pride ourselves on surprising our customers and exceeding their expectations.

Our Website: www.draytonentertainment.com



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