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We aim to position our company as the authority in educating law students on skills they need to succeed in law school. The current competition is stuffy and run by old lawyers. We are young, aggressive professionals with better credentials from the top schools: Harvard, Stanford, UCLA, etc. Please think Ivy League but more modern. (Our offerings are dynamic, web-based applications.)

The name of our corporation is the Law School Exam Experts, Inc. and we were thinking of using "Law School Exam Experts" or "LSEE" in the logo. However, we are open to new names and ideas, as we are only incorporated under this name and can market ourselves under a different one.


We need a logo that exudes modern professionalism and authority.The logo will be on the website and tangible marketing collateral, letterhead, etc.

One idea is to place the first two words on one side of a scale ("Law School") and the second two words ("Exam Experts") on the other, lower/heavier, side of the scale. The "a" in Law and Exam could have a "+" inserted next to each. (A rough example is attached created by a family member with limited skills.)

Please do not limit your creative thinking to this idea. None of our officers are creative-types and this is just something that we liked.

I've attached some photos to set a mood.



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