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There are no client updates at this time.

I'm looking for a new logo for Jesse Jones Photography. You can see

my current online identity at the following sites:



- My existing logo is attached for reference, but I'm NOT that attached

to it.

- I've attached an image of my signature. Feel free to use it, or even

stylize it, as my handwriting is poor.

- The name ChaosPixel is not to be used.

- This new logo will be used for a moderate redesign of

jessejonesphoto.com (including a photographer's blog), possibly on the

chaospixel.com site (to tie the two together visually), and on updated

business cards to be ordered quite soon.

- My photography business is based on being a very candid photographer,

with a relaxed demeanor - a nerd with a camera that everyone gets along


- I would ideally like to have something somewhat modular - a logo with

the words "Jesse Jones Photography" (capitalization optional), the

initials "JJP" or even "JJ", and something graphical that is

representative of both.

- A touch of color isn't a bad thing, either - but it needs to look good

in monochrome as well (to be viable in all print mediums).

- I am NOT looking for a Web2.0 logo (flickr, twitter, etc) - I do NOT

need a logo in a simple font with 2 colors or maybe a vertical gradient


- I'd prefer to have the design available in vector format, so that it

scales well from business cards to posters.

See some sites below for examples of likes/dislikes:


http://www.jessicaclaire.net/ - this is a great example of a graphic

that represents represents the name. the swirly JC (seen at the very top

of the page above her name) is used in her flash animations, her

background, at the lead of every blog/article (on the left - it's

basically the background horizontally cut in half), and thematically

influences everything. If you can give me a package that ties multiple

graphics together like that, you get extra credit! Bear in mind that I

am a male, though :)


- is a good example of a logo with a touch of color that accents and

draws attention, but could easily be converted to monochrome (or even to

the color of the client's wedding).

http://www.flickr.com/photos/nicolelynnp... - is a

pretty decent signature logo, though a bit more feminine that I want.

http://www.susanstriplingblog.com/images... - is

simple, but doesn't really stick in your mind. I know we can do better

than that.


http://farm1.static.flickr.com/85/241897... - this is

too busy and 1990s for me.


- is an example of a logo that I DON'T like. I have NO idea what it

means, and it doesn't have any real identity.



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