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Creative Brief

Who are you?

Ions & Lions is a technology company that builds Web apps that seamlessly blend the art of nature and science. Hence the name.

Over time, I will be building a handful of Web apps for various niche markets. Ions & Lions will be the parent company that houses all of these brands.

As Founder and CEO, I strive to build apps that fill a niche, provide a true service to a specific group of people, and make the world a better place.

I'm a huge fan of Apple, Pixar, and Heath Ledger's Joker because it's all about pushing the envelope; it's about inventing the future and not trying to predict it and follow the norm.

I'm a nature-oriented person; I believe in minimalism design; simplicity is everything and less is more.

What do you need?

I need branding/logo done for Ions & Lions.

The logo will be used on our new site, business cards, stationary, and in trailers we put together for our Web apps as part of our long-term marketing strategies.

Who Is Your Audience?

My target audience: sophisticated, affluent, intelligent, genuine, kindhearted, giving, selfless, wealthy, hard-working.

Ions & Lions should represent simplicity, nature, science, minimalism, "a better tomorrow", innovation, atypical, wealth (to an extent but I don't want to come off as stiff either), and inspiration.


We Like These Examples

Love the typeface and the way the tree looks like it was brushed by hand. Very subtle, simple, yet effective and beautiful.

The Anvill logo is also attached. Very beautiful logo in my opinion.

We Absolutely Must Have

I'd like "Ions" on one line and "Lions" on another. Whether the "&" is part of the the first line or a line on its own is something for you to decide; let me see the various options.

Something to pursue would be to split a male lion's face and an atom.

The atom's "mane" is the orbit of it's other particles (neutrons and protons) and a lion has its mane as well. You're not restricted to this but it's worth pursuing, in my opinion.

Or you could have a lion silhouette like http://logopond.com/gallery/detail/97632 and put that within an atomic particle (so the lion would actually be the nucleus of the atom). That's something to think about.

The lion does not have to be too detailed as long as it's clear that it's a male lion. Most of the logos I like and appreciate are ultra simple but they still somehow tell a much, much better story than the logos that try to crowd in as much detail as possible.

And of course, your concepts are also welcome if you envision something else entirely.

You'll notice a pattern in the examples above: the typeface has effective spacing and is simple, prominent, a bit bold, and sharp.

I do want to have one font for "Ions", a font for the "&", which can be pretty simple and subtle, and a font for the "Lions." The reason is this: The "Ions" represents the art of science while the "Lions" represents the art of nature: both are on opposite ends of the spectrum (science and nature) so I think too fonts would be fine in my case. Just make sure the fonts aren't SO contrasted that the logo ends up looking too busy and confusing. Simplicity is still key for me.

As for colors, at this point I have not thought about the exact color scheme to use so get creative here. Just make sure we avoid the ultra-flamboyant/bright colors. I want this company to exude a quiet confidence with a hint of bold arrogance.



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