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The Central New York Community Foundation is a permanent community endowment. As a grantmaker, civic leader, convener and sponsor of special initiatives, the Community Foundation strives to strengthen local nonprofits, encourage better understanding of the region and address the most critical issues of our time. We want to design a logo for one such initiative that we will be launching called LeadSafeCNY. We are based in Syracuse, NY, an old community with severe poverty in its city center. Along with that poverty is an aging housing stock that still has lead paint on its windowsills, doorpanes, kitchen cabinets and more. Lead paint was outlawed in the 70s when it was determined that lead poisons children, but it is still in many old homes. That lead is creating dust when windows are opened and closed and children are breathing it in. In addition, the lead paint on baseboards chip and children eat them, because they taste sweet. There is no safe blood lead level and there is no cure for the ramifications of lead poisoning. Children poisoned with lead have developmental and behavioral problems that affect their youth and adult life, making it heard to learn and maintain employment. Therefore, this issue undercuts any other work we do to eradicate poverty through education or workforce development. The Community Foundation is launching LeadSafeCNY to invest in this issue. Through a series of grant investments, convenings and more, we hope to make a dent in the lead poisoning problem in Syracuse by making many homes "lead safe."


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Attached is an EPS of two leaves that we often use in our initiative logos for brand cohesiveness. Use of the leaves and/or just their colors are encouraged but not required. We are open to designs with other color schemes as well.

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In the U.S., the word lead is actually two different words with seperate meanings. Lead, the noun, is what is in paint and is pronounced with a soft e (\ ˈled \). Lead, the verb, means to guide and is pronounced with a hard e (\ ˈlēd \). We are hoping the logo somehow helps to graphically differentiate that we are talking about lead in homes and not leaders.



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