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1) What the site is about:

Please go to http://www.hotelmapsearch.com and check out the features and site design. HotelMapSearch.com is a google maps application that shows hotel prices on a map. You can also mashup wikipedia landmarks, restaurant locations etc. You can zoom out and see a heat map of all the hotel prices in the world.

Also be sure to look at the attached mockup of our beta site because it contains a few extra colors you should be aware of.

2) Project Details:

Please Design a logo for the site using the name: HotelMapSearch.com

We would like there to be some simple word art or an icon that would make the logo distinct.

The logo may incorporate some elements of our existing color scheme

The height should be approx 50-70 pixels.

The width should be between 300 and 1200 pixels and should look good in different browser width's

(a narrower image could transition into white or another solid color and a wider image should look good if truncated by narrower browsers).

We prefer vector style images as opposed to a photo background we are currently using but we're open to anything that looks good. Good use of white space and flow with the rest of the page is very important.

We will need a PSD file and JPGS from the winner.

3) Design Spirit -

We have tried to make the colors of the hotel icons very Fun. We want people to Trust the site to make a hotel reservation with us. We want people to remember the name and come back. We don't want to be the standard commodity hotel website with lists of hotels.

4) We like this idea from another project: " Other considerations:

(a) Looks equally good and distinctive in other colors, even grayscale. Scales well, too.

(b) This is really a corollary of an "original, distinctive" design, but instead of saying it later during discussions, here it is: We like logo that lends itself or part of itself to be distinctive and recognizable even when represented in a small icon (like when embedded on other sites). crowdSpring's logo has that (with the jumping human); digg has that; or facebook, stubmbleupon,"

5)User Experience Concept

Being your own travel agent isnt easy. With so many travel web tools, its hard to choose where to start.

If youre like us, youve spent hours searching for the perfect hotel, only to find out that its no where near the museums you want to check out or that youre miles from Aunt Betsys house.

Wouldnt it be nice to be able to go to one place and find all that youre looking for? We thought so too.


The easy to use travel tool that gets you where you need to go.



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