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Hex Goods

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This logo is for Hex Goods, an online retailer for hand-made goods. You're probably saying, "how is this different from Etsy?" Etsy gives artists an opportunity to sell their goods online, but it doesn't give them an opportunity to scale their business. I want to create a site where I showcase the highest quality products available. Products would include jewelry and accessories, toys, iphone and computer cases, stationery, etc.

The most important element of my logo is that I hit I want to convey the quality of hand-made goods without the kitschiness.

The design must include a hexagon shape, preferably oriented vertically (points pointing up and down) and with rounded corners (I used a 200px high hexagon with 10px rounded edges in my mock-ups. This shape is intended to reference a hex bolt, an industrial fastener that to me symbolizes quality.

I've included some of my own mockups so you can see where my head is, although I am obviously not satisfied with them (otherwise I wouldn't be using crowdspring!). I like florals as a design element, although I would want to keep the logo gender-neutral.

I have not yet settled on a color palette, although I am considering two major directions: either black with golds and silvers (to suggest high quality) or dark brown with deep reds, oranges and yellows (to connote quality with a bit earthier of a flavor). I am also open to other directions.

Finally, the subtitle I am considering using is "hand-picked handmade", so feel free to include that or not.

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Image plus text. As stated above, the design must include a hexagon shape.



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